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May 08, 2018

Additional transmission line connecting Olkaria geothermal field with Nairobi
40th Anniversary Workshop UNU Geothermal Training Program – presentations & papers
Geothermal developer KS Orka reports a 100 MW capacity under well head in Indonesia
IFC extends $90 million loan to Energy Development Corp. in the Philippines
World Bank/ ESMAP Event – Five years of the Global Geothermal Development Plan
Toshiba and VINCI Construction to partner on construction of geothermal plants in Africa
EGEC: Estimates for geothermal energy growth in Italy 2016-2030
Consortium chosen to research risks of ultra deep geothermal and EGS in the Netherlands
City of Schwerin in Northern Germany to drill for geothermal heating project
Puna geothermal power plant in Hawaii taken offline due to lava flows nearby
Toshiba signs MOU on a partnership in geothermal power projects in Malawai, Africa
Ormat secures $125m project finance loan from OPIC for Honduras geothermal plant
Pembina: The missing pieces in the geothermal puzzle in Alberta/ Canada
Overall geothermal investment in Indonesia to reach $1.7bn in 2018
Opinion: On how geothermal can and should help replace coal power in Chile
Latest trends on ORC discussed with Prof. Ennio Macchi in interview with Exergy
Geothermal power project at Eden Project in Cornwall seeking local funding
World Bank/ ESMAP: Geothermal Energy on a hot path to ending energy poverty
Recent tender for geothermal licenses in Denmark sees increased interest by developers
Geothermal project in Strasbourg/ France drills hottest well in Central Europe
Presentations from IRENA’s GGA Geothermal Direct Utilisation and Food Security workshop
Oil & gas recruitment firm wins contract for JV geothermal drilling project in Netherlands

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