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August 03, 2021
Car maker Renault to source geothermal lithium from Germany
How Data Can Transform the Geothermal Energy Industry
Kurita Europe opens new European geothermal technology center
GeoLith raises EUR1.5m for geothermal direct lithium extraction
GEOLAC – GDF Latin America technical workshop, Sept. 8, 2021
U.S. Geothermal Lithium Extraction Prize Challenge
Job – Project Manager, Geothermal Plant Construction, UK
Pertamina Geothermal Energy’s ambitious growth plans
Geothermal developer DEEP secures C$4.5m new equity funding
Five key takeways from Pivot2021 Geothermal.Reimagined
EGEC Consultation on geothermal EIA and licensing
Drilling start imminent for Leeuwarden project, Netherlands
Bavaria plans up to 25% of geothermal heating by 2050
Dominica geothermal project to drill additional 2 wells
KenGen seeks to double geothermal capacity by 2030
Bulgaria plans exploration for geothermal project
World Bank $22m grant for geothermal exploration in St. Lucia
PGE kicks off 500kW geothermal binary project at Lahendong
Technology by GeoLith to extract lithium at Cornwall pilot project
Webinar – Garibaldi Geothermal Assessment Project, Aug. 4, 2021
EDC planning additional geothermal project in the Philippines
Medium-depth geothermal an energy option for Luxembourg
Webinar – Geothermal in global energy transition, July 29, 2021
Job – Geothermal Plant Owner Rep., Salton Sea, California
US BLM Nevada preparing October geothermal lease sale
GDC starts appraisal drilling at Baringo-Silali, Kenya
GreenFire Energy wins PIVOT2021 Geothermal New Venture Competition
First survey with good indication for mine water use in Glasgow, UK
Jobs – various geothermal positions, Eavor Technologies, Germany
Geothermal project in Zambia estimates size of up to 19 MW
Munich utility and partner Erdwerk restructure cooperation
WING student scholarships – Geothermal Rising Conference 2021
Progressing towards geothermal energy’s holy grail
Ormat soliciting bids for geothermal power capacity in CA
KenGen adds revenue selling carbon credits from geothermal plants
BRGM starts geothermal survey in Mayotte, Indian Ocean
Vulcan secures new geothermal and lithium exploration license
Ormat increases geothermal operating portfolio to 1,100 MW
Ormat to supply line shaft pump for Landau geothermal plant
PGE to take lead in Indonesian geothermal holding group
Singapore sovereign fund invests $240m into geothermal DH
EOI – Consultants for KenGen Geothermal Board of Consultants

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