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October 02, 2018
Geothermal and Lithium Mining – digging deeper into a hot topic
Recent geothermal cluster initiative Geo-Energy Europe meeting in Celle, Germany
A short overview on recent activities in Canadian geothermal development
City of Vienna sees start of large-scale geothermal research project
Staying warm in Alaska – reflecting on geothermal opportunities
Calpine receives use permit for out of service Bear Canyon geothermal plant
Innovative geothermal power plant remote diagnostics project by Enel
Branding – Positioning your business and yourself
High level geothermal investment roundtable announced for Munich conference
CarbFix project in Iceland wins EUR 16m EU Geothermal Emissions Control funding
Global geothermal capacity reaches 14,369 MW – Top 10 Geothermal Countries, Oct 2018
Redefining development finance – exploring how countries can fund geothermal development
Geothermal heat in district heating systems crucial for Denmark to reach climate targets
Soyak Enerji starts operation of 12.3 Mis 1 geothermal power plant in Turkey
New Zealand newest geothermal power plant enters commissioning stage
Smart drilling key theme – Successful conclusion of Intl. Celle Drilling 2018 conference
Geothermal energy could be key driver for economy in Central America
Job: Project & Policy Officer, European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) Brussels/ Belgium
Interview with Adele Manzella, Italian Geothermal Union – Geothermal energy research in Italy
Philippines DOE planning to explore local geothermal potential in Davao Oriental
Insights on geothermal marketing – Interview with Patrick Hanson of GeoEnergy Marketing
Bill Gates clean energy fund bets on geothermal startup focusing on EGS
PLN preparing workforce for geothermal development in new cooperation
Thermal Well Design & Integrity for Geothermal Applications, Workshop, Oct. 18, 2018
Sufficient heat & flow reported from Garching a.d. Alz geothermal project in Germany
Job: R&D, Geothermal Research Department Manager – Sandia National Lab
GDC continues efforts to support neighbouring countries on geothermal developmentör_city_Hungary-300x300.jpg
PannErgy reports successful drilling of new geothermal well in Györ, Hungary
Concession granted for exploration of Neuried geothermal field, Germany
Geothermal Development & Resource Models Workshops at GRC Annual Meeting, Oct. 12-13, 2018
Heating season starts with increased capacity of geothermal plant in Miskolc, Hungary
Development cost of $821m estimated for 200 MW Ngozi geothermal project in Tanzania
EDC working on potential geothermal development site in Sumatra, Indonesia

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