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August 14, 2018
Job: Performance Manager, Geothermal Power Plant, New Zealand
Geo40 to start commercial production of silica at Ohaaki geothermal plant
RFP: PLUTO Feasibility Study – geothermal district heating & cooling. Turkey
With its large potential it is time Argentina pushes geothermal development
Board of EDC approves plans for voluntary delisting from Philippine Stock Exchange
Government of Chile eyes legislative changes to help push geothermal development
Abandoned geothermal well in St. Gallen finds science research purpose
New Young Geothermal Scientist Award – Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern
Bloomberg on renewable Energy and Chile’s mining sector – an opportunity for geothermal?
San Jacinto geothermal plant now producing close to 77 MW nameplate capacity
Eden GeoPower secures grant on technology to increase permeability in geothermal reservoirs
With 70 MW added this year, Ormat on track of growing its global geothermal plant capacity
Pertamina Geothermal Energy helps revitalising lake near Kamojang
Pushing development of up to 30 MW of localised geothermal power generation in Iceland
Call for Developers seeking support under Mexican geothermal risk transfer and financing program
Central America Clean Energy Corridor – pushing renewable energy development across the region
City of Strasbourg pushing a green revolution with geothermal as large part of it
Negotiations under way for third well for geothermal project on Montserrat, Caribbean
International Geothermal Association (IGA) updates its geothermal paper database
Tender – Geothermal Drilling Services under new risk mitigation scheme in Mexico
Extensive study starting to explore high-enthalpy geothermal potential on the Canary Islands
Third well successfully drilled at Balmatt geothermal project in Antwerp Province, Belgium
U.S. firm secures $1m funding for research on high-temperature geothermal monitoring technology
Mexico secures $109 million loan for risk mitigation scheme for geothermal development

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