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September 07, 2021
RFP – Geothermal Aquaculture Sector Feasibility Study
Kurita Europe presenting geothermal solutions at EUROCORR 2021
Podcast – Alberta’s Opportunity in Geothermal, The Energy Revolution
Interest heating up for geothermal potential in Victoria, Australia
GEOLAC 2021 – “How can Latin America maximize the potential of Lithium?”
Webinar – Multilateral closed deep geothermal system, Sept. 10, 2021
Lithium extraction pilot to be built at Ohaaki geothermal plant
Sage Geosystems targeting closed loop vertical geothermal single well design
Construction started on geothermal project at Swan Hills, Alberta
Exciting agenda for 8th GEOLAC congress, Sept. 8-10, 2021
Race to restore transmission to Salton Sea geothermal plants
Solar PV to power pumps for geothermal heating plant in Romania
Slim well drilling campaign starting at Cisolok geothermal site
Incredible growth plans for Chinese geothermal district heating JV
Plans for 10 MW geothermal plant at Klamath Falls, OR
PetroChina sets renewables strategy with focus on geothermal and solar
Job – PostDoc Researcher Geothermal Heating/ Cooling, NREL
First Nation geothermal project completes first two wells in BC Canada
Eden geothermal project progressing on drilling first well
Four geothermal areas ready for development in West Java
Dutch municipalities’ keen interest in geothermal energy use
Microsoft sets up large geothermal system for its campus
2nd Digital Indonesia Intl Geothermal Conference, Sept. 21-24, 2021
Job – Geophysicist, Fervo Energy, U.S.
Large seismic campaign kicking off in Geneva, Switzerland
Mining firm to explore geothermal lithium in Thailand
Geothermal in a low carbon future for New Zealand
Increased government support needed for geothermal in the Philippines

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