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May 15, 2018

Call for Papers – New Zealand Geothermal Workshop 2018
EDC calls for government support to push geothermal development in the Philippines
Geothermal heating project in Finland reaches stimulation stage
EGEC releases factsheet on geothermal energy as energy option for islands in Europe
Java and Sumatra to see a focus on coal-fired plants over geothermal development
Discussing the sustainability of geothermal development in Tuscany in recent roundtable
Turkish Zorlu Energy is investing in early R&D on lithium extraction from geothermal
Financing geothermal market growth through collaborative risk mitigations
Updates on geothermal development in Tanzania, Turkey and Djibouti
Kenya offers technical support to geothermal energy development in Djibouti
CORRECTION: Finnish investor writes off investment in geothermal project in Bavaria
El Salvador could more than triple its current installed geothermal capacity
NZGA Seminar on Geothermal Asset Management Strategies, Taupo – June 21, 2018
IRENA estimates global geothermal energy workforce of around 100,000
Interview: Phyllis Gathoni Mathenge, Drilling Engineer at GDC & WING
Five geothermal projects under renewable energy funding program, Netherlands
The five trends driving the Latin America & Caribbean geothermal market
Drilling rig ready to drill for 25 MW extension of Ngawha geothermal plant, NZ
World Bank on why Geothermal Energy is on a Hot Path
Pertamina and PLN struggling on reaching PPA for Lumut Balai geothermal plant
Mitigating risks from volcanic eruption on Puna Geothermal Plant, Hawaii
Ormat concludes After Sales Workshop for Geothermal Operators in Turkey
Industrial geothermal energy utilisation celebrates 200 years at Larderello, Italy
Cornell University to host forum on planned geothermal project, May 17, 2018
Lithium production from geothermal plant at the Salton Sea – soon to be reality
Drilling started for Garching geothermal project in Bavaria, Germany
Government of Indonesia offers PLN the management of five geothermal working areas
Jobs: plant engineer, operator, maintenance – Calpine, Geysers, California
With nearby volcanic activity, Puna geothermal plant secured, Hawaii
Exploration terms of three geothermal working areas extended in Indonesia
Toshiba pushing geothermal business through several cooperations in East Africa
Karizma Energy and EGESIM sign contract for new 24 MW geothermal plant
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330 MW Sarulla geothermal plant in Indonesia completed with third unit online,

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