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May 11, 2021
Geosciences days WGC2020+1 virtual event days, May 11-12, 2021
New geothermal lagoon opens minutes from downtown Reykjavik
NZ-East Africa Geothermal Facility webinar series, May 11+13, 2021
Lack of incentives and regulations disadvantage geothermal in Italy
2nd set of rigs delivered to Aluto-Langano geothermal project
Geothermal Lithium – white gold for Germany’s car industry?
No geothermal royalties collected in Hawaii in 2020
Planning permission for UK geothermal rum distillery project
Recordings – MEET Geothermal Winter School, Feb. 2021
Turning off diesel power with geothermal in Unalaska
Iceland Drilling, GeoDrill project – advancing geothermal tech
How geothermal can help Chile in decarbonization efforts
Job – Assistant Professor Geothermal Engineering, TU Delft
Vulcan Energy acquires 2nd German geothermal engineering firm
Planned geothermal heat project cancelled in Mons, Belgium
Survey – Risk perception geothermal Indonesia, Turkey, Netherlands
Job – Geothermal Project Manager, Geothermal, Erdwerk, Germany
Stillwater, NV – triple hybrid geothermal and solar plant
Jobs – Geothermal development with Contact Energy, Taupo, NZ
Geothermal heat for Malmö/ Sweden from a depth of 7,000m
Webinar – Finalists of 2021 European Geothermal Innovation Awards, May 11, 2021
EOI – Investment in geothermal direct use, Menengai, Kenya
Municipalities join geothermal efforts in Noord Holland, NL
Interview – Geothermal and geoscience research in Switzerland
Hybrid gas-geothermal project to commence, Alberta, Canada

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