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Hi Everyone, 

Thanks to everyone to joined us for this week's webinar. We previewed the Promotional Toolkit and looked at the design assets that will be available to you during the campaign (more on that below). But remember, simply promoting NewsMatch on your social channels is not enough, so be sure to join us for next week's webinar! 

Christina will debut the Campaign Toolkit, complete with email appeals, templates and more during the Oct 16 webinar at 10 a.m PT/ 1 p.m. ET. Make sure you're registered here.

Finally, quick shoutout to the organizations who have set up calls with us to bounce ideas for their fundraising campaign. These next few weeks are an important time to finalize your campaign strategy and get prepared. We're always happy to talk strategy via email or on a Zoom call. Ping us at

– Christina, Jason and Kip
"This News Can't Wait"

On Wednesday's webinar, we walked through key messaging points for this year's campaign theme, "This News Can't Wait," and previewed digital assets from the  Promotional Toolkit. Check them out here. 

Note: These tools are designed to help your campaign, but it's not mandatory that you use them. Feel free to customize them or use the language in ads that align with your own branding. 

We announced this year's match cap of $20,000, which balances the growing number of NewsMatch participants with a meaningful match for everyone and goal-based bonuses for small and medium newsrooms. 

We also had a number of excellent questions about how the match works, and what kinds of donations are eligible for the match. If you missed it and still have questions, check out our FAQ page, or resources on Campaign HQ for info on: Still have questions about gift eligibility or what bonuses your organization qualifies for? Contact us at 
Laying the Groundwork Before Launch

Some of the most important work for a successful NewsMatch happens between now and Nov. 1. These next few weeks are a great opportunity to develop your outreach strategy, prime your existing donors, reach out to one-time donors about the benefits of becoming a member, and engage your board in finding a local match.

Local matches are essentially a smaller version of the larger NewsMatch campaign that newsrooms themselves set up with local donors. Wealthy individuals, businesses, or foundations in your area pledge funds to match small-dollar donations, taking your NewsMatch from a 1:1 to a 2:1 match. For example, a local business might offer a pool of $5,000 that will be used to match any individual gift during a certain week in the campaign, doubling the impact of donations made in that time period. There are all kinds of creative ways to find and utilize local matches to bring in new donors. Learn more through our Securing Local Matches Toolkit on the Campaign HQ.
Upcoming Webinars

Oct. 16 at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET 
Christina will debut this year's campaign toolkit! Complete with pitches, social media ads and more, this is your out-of-the box fundraising toolkit. 

Oct. 23 at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET 
Just over a week until launch! Now that you've had time to look through the campaign toolkit, we'll review key points and resources, what to expect in the coming weeks, and answer any lingering questions. 
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It's not too late to share your photos! 

So far, 35 newsrooms have shared photos with us to help us tell a powerful national story about the impact of nonprofit news. We're keeping the submission link open for those who haven't had a chance to submit yet, and we've shared some tips and suggestions on what makes for compelling photos here. Click the button below to submit your photos! 
Show us what your newsroom looks like!
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