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We have changed our name! For the last decade we have been the Institute of Theology and Christian Ministry (ITCM) in St Petersburg, Russia. We continue to train, in Russian, through ITCM, Russian servants to minister in Russia , but we have enlarged our mission. Not only do we intend, by God's grace, to teach leaders but we also try to reach those seeking God in Russia through our Russian Bible School and, through our singing program, newsletters and conferences, to edify the scattered congregations throughout Russia, in planting and watering. We are the Christian Resource Center Russia.
grace and peace,
Igor Egirev
St Petersburg, Russia


Summer 2015
Church Edification
The 5th Annual CRCR Church Edification conference on "overseers and deacons" in Russian congregations (based from Titus 1:5 "Set in order what remains") took place on August 6-9 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Royce Money (former president of Abilene Christian University), Brent Isbell (minister of the Word at University Church of Christ) and Phil Jackson (European coordinator MRN) led us through the Scripture in light of congregation experience and God's use of servants among His people.

Only three out of fifty-five congregations in Russia have overseers and deacons. Eighteen Russian congregations from St.Petersburg on the West to Tomsk, Siberia on the East were represented at the seminar. A brother from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, near Japan, participated in the seminar online. (See ...)

Russian Bible School
"This is what I have been missing for a long time" (Sergey Vyazkov)
The 200 letters from RBS students which we receive and answer every month help students in their walk of faith, and frequently help seekers to find a church family. Sergey Vyazkov from Yekaterinburg used to be a part of a Charismatic group, but, as he was growing spiritually and in his Bible knowledge, he became discouraged in what they believed and practiced. He decided to leave. For some time he was by himself, looking for the church described in the Bible.
He foundour site "accidently" and got in touch with us. When we shared how we understand the way of salvation, he became excited. We gave him contact information of Church of Christ in Yekaterinburg. Recently I visited with Denis Podryadchikov, a leader in Yekaterinburg, and he told me that Sergey is attending the congregation there and he meet with Sergey and another brother for a prayer on weekly basis.

Congregational Singing
We are participating in a new project – musically educated and gifted Evangelical Christians are getting together in St.Petersburg to make a recording of Christian hymns, both old and absolutely new ones to give them as a gift to all Christians in Russia. Right now it’s hard to predict how many songs will be recorded. Two hundred songs is the first approximation. CD’s and MP3 downloads will be free of charge for all who want to have them. The purpose of this project is to popularize Christian chorus singing, to help local congregations to develop in their praising! We are very much excited about that project and ask your prayers on our behalf.
If you would like to partner with us in this work of God or learn more about us, please email me at or I would be pleased to FaceTime (remember we are at least 9 hours difference here in St Petersburg)! You can also click below through other social media or see our English website at
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