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We have changed our name! For the last decade we have been the Institute of Theology and Christian Ministry (ITCM) in St Petersburg, Russia. We continue to train, in Russian, through ITCM, Russian servants to minister in Russia , but we have enlarged our mission. Not only do we intend, by God's grace, to teach leaders but we also try to reach those seeking God in Russia through our Russian Bible School and, through our singing program, newsletters and conferences, to edify the scattered congregations throughout Russia, in planting and watering. We are the Christian Resource Center Russia.
grace and peace,
Igor Egirev
St Petersburg, Russia


February 2016
Institute of Theology and Christian Ministry
Online course
We just completed a ITCM six week online course Introduction into New Testament taught by Dr. Ken Cukrowski (ACU). Eight students from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus successfully completed the course. The most controversial topic was the traditions of Roman Empire versus traditions today of Russia. Students were required to participate on the Institute forum, but they even now continue to comment on this subject even after the course is over.
Russian Bible School
Teaching babes in faith
Through the vast territories of Russia, with populations shrinking, and diverse congregations experiencing lack of leadership, RBS remains the only source for Bible teaching, encouragement and comfort.Here is an excerpt from a letter of a RBS student, who is the only Christian in Cheremhovo in the Irkutsk region on the Baykal Lake:
Dear friends, Greetings to you from Anton Logunov. Outside temperature is below -20 F. The forecast says the temperature is going to drop down to -60F this week. My hands are freezing and numb. But I have a remedy - RBS lessons. I completed the lesson # 1and it brightened up my day! I feel much more cheerful. May the Lord bless you.
We can connect some of our RBS students with a local church of Christ. We keep in touch with local ministers and every time we have a student from a location where there is a congregation of Church of Christ, we  try to connect them together. Denis Podryadchikov is a minister in Yekaterinburg. Here is an excerpt from Denis' February newsletter:
Recently, our brother in Christ Dmitriy, who lives in St. Petersburg and directs Russian Bible School, told me that Aleksey (RBS student from Asbest, Sverdlovsk region) carefully studies all their correspondence Bible courses. Dmitriy gave me Aleksey’s contact information, and Aleksey and I have arranged to visit.»
Resources for Edification
A Trip to Ukhta
Vladimir Vakhrushev is a leader in the Ukhta church of Christ. He is a medical doctor by training. He and his wife Musa were baptized in Ukhta 24 years ago and that was the beginning of the Ukhta congregation. This year Ukhta congregation had a special Birthday celebration on Sunday, February 21. Brethren from Sosnogorsk (12 miles North-East) came to Ukhta by bus to share the common joy. I had the privilege of teaching a Bible class and preaching on that day. In the evening we had a supper with leaders from Ukhta and Sosnogorsk. We discussed what we can do together and how Christian Resource Center Russia can assist Ukhta, Sosnogorsk and many other small congregations in Russia. (Photos)
If you would like to partner with us in this work of God or learn more about us, please email me at or I would be pleased to FaceTime (remember we are at least 9 hours difference here in St Petersburg)! You can also click below through other social media or see our English website at
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