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September 2015
Learn about CRCRussia at ACU Summit
Please come to my classes "God and Russia: From Past To Future" at the ACU Summit.
   Lesson 1. "History Of Christianity In Russia: Kiev-Moscow-St.Petersburg."
       Sep.21, 9-9.45 a.m. BSB 130
   Lesson 2. "Russian Churches Of Christ: Our Present Situation And Future Possibilities."
       Sep.22, 8.30-09.15 a.m. BSB 130                                                             
Freed and Freedom: New Congregations
Oleg Kuznetsov was a prisoner when he became an RBS student in March of 2010. He became a very devoted Christian. Since he was released he started a congregation in Novouralsk, a city in Ural mountains. This summer he started another congregation in Sazhino, Sverdlovsk region. Congregations that he planted have a focus on prison ministry. As he says: "I use all experience I gained in prison" Now he has access to 20 prison cells. He and brothers from church go there and teach those prisoners, they pay for their telephone bills, provide lawyers for them and just keep in touch. In addition to that they help those who got out of prison to start a new life. He is writing to us: "I made a commitment to devote the rest of my days to spreading and building up the Church of Christ."

On the last day of the August CRCRussian seminar we prayed for the churches of Christ in Russia. We had a map of Russia and before we prayed every participant of the seminar came to the map and stuck a pin in the city where he came from. As a result we had a very vivid image of how churches  spread. One more time we realized that the East part of Russia, which is as big as the United States, has less than a dozen congregations. We prayed particularly about that huge territory, asking God to show us what to do and establish missionaries that may go there. In three days I received an email from... Venezuela. Brother and sister Josue David Moreno and Sara Betsabe Moreno were going to Vladivostok to study at the Far-East State University. Vladivostok is separated from Japan by the Sea of Japan. It is 6000 miles east of St.Petersburg. Josue and Sara are Church of Christ members and they have in mind establishing a congregation at the campus of the University. On Sep.4 I came to Moscow to meet them at the airport, spent time with them, telling them about Russian culture, what to expect and we spent time in prayer. Next day, on Sep.5 they flew from Moscow to Vladivostok. We agreed that we will stay in constant touch. Please pray for this mission.
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