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in Russia to grow in faith, hope and love
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We have changed our name! For the last decade we have been the Institute of Theology and Christian Ministry (ITCM) in St Petersburg, Russia. We continue to train, in Russian, through ITCM, Russian servants to minister in Russia , but we have enlarged our mission. Not only do we intend, by God's grace, to teach leaders but we also try to reach those seeking God in Russia through our Russian Bible School and, through our singing program, newsletters and conferences, to edify the scattered congregations throughout Russia, in planting and watering. We are the Christian Resource Center Russia.
grace and peace,
Igor Egirev
St Petersburg, Russia


March 2015
Russian Bible School
We recently created a website to increase the visibility of RBS to those who are beginning to believe. Already we have seen an increase in students (see a chart). They have written us from Omsk, Yakutsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Kemerovo, Penza, Kazan and many other places. We find that these students are most interested in learning about the Gospel and the Church of Christ - many of them never heard of it. Snailmail continues to connect us with thousands of older people and prisoners.

Encouraging Congregations
We just circulated our bimonthly newspaper to the scattered congregations in Russia (see "in Christ"). We were also able to travel to Russia's third largest city in Russia, Kazan (the capital of Tatarstan) to visit and encourage a congregation of God's dedicated people (for a report and pictures see ...). Our local congregation here in St Petersburg participated in a festival organized by the Orthodox church in which Luka Bolshakova (the music director for CRCR) led choruses (see story and pictures).

Institute of Theology and Christian Ministry
Eleven students, including three from the Ukraine (and one from Belarus), recently completed our latest long distance course “Church of Christ: A Biblical Ecclesiology for Today”. The course was based on Dr. Everett Ferguson’s book and lectures he had given in St. Petersburg at ITCM a decade ago (see...).
If you would like to partner with us in this work of God or learn more about us, please email me at or I would be pleased to FaceTime (remember we are at least 9 hours difference here in St Petersburg)! You can also click below through other social media or see our English website at
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Please consider our threefold mission in Russia (training leaders, teaching seekers,
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