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Summer Quiet

When I wrote the last newsletter I waxed poetic about the rain that we were enjoying after a month or more without rain. Little did I know a few hours later the garden would be submerged and we would have a flood. It was surprising considering how dry we were but it just goes to show what localized heavy rain will do when you live in a flood prone area. 

The garden survived. A few things said "peace out" like the marshmallow seedlings I was excited to be growing but most everything else was resilient. I'll credit a short submersion time for that. Mostly it was a bunch of displaced mulch all over the place and annoyance that I'd just put down organic fertilizer in the garden and it had all likely washed away. I still haven't reapplied it. *adds to mental checklist*

I worked hard in May to get the flower and edible gardens into as good as shape as I could because we were heading to Florida for 10 days in June for vacation. Initially after we left I worried about how everything would hold up but after a day or two I quickly just stopped worrying and settled into vacation mode. And when I came back: everything was doing pretty well. I told my neighbor to harvest the tomatoes while we were gone and the blackberries, too, so those were pretty much done when we returned. I still had some tomatoes to harvest but not nearly the bounty of last year. No canning for me this summer. 

Weeds were minimal to moderate in the flower garden but nothing a few days of upkeep wouldn't take care of. I'm happy that I'm finally feeling like I'm in a position to enjoy the garden (*crosses fingers, dots i's, make wishes on double numbers on the clock*) this summer. It's been four years since I've felt like I wasn't constantly under water with the garden. Four years ago I was pregnant. It was the last time I really could manage large chunks of time without also managing a kid. Now I have to manage a kid but he's finally at that stage where independent play is going gangbusters and only needs check-ins from me, popping up my head out of the garden to make sure he's still where he's supposed to be! It's a game-changer. Now, to do some more maintenance on the edible garden from our vacation and maybe, just maybe, the rest of the summer will be the kind where I can putter and pull a weed here and there while I harvest. 

As we head into July, I hope your gardens are lush and productive and bringing a bit of brightness and joy into your life!

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Coming Up on the Podcast
I recently recorded an audio tour of the summer flower garden. And I'm recording early next week a summer garden chat with Julie Rorrer/Gardenkeepr. I came back from vacation and had the itch to get a podcast out for the summer so I'll have those two episodes out sometime in early to mid July. I'm still fleshing out guest ideas for Season 4 and will start formalizing those closer to October. 

Have a great July!
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