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Happy Autumnal Equinox!

The last time I wrote and sent out an email it was newly spring. And now it is newly autumn. Writing this newsletter has been fun over the last couple of years but it was one of the first things I chunked when I needed a respite from all-the-things. With that, how about I return to writing here quarterly instead? Let's call them seasonal writings and I'll share what is going on with the podcast and with interesting things I've listened to or read throughout that season? 

The podcast will be kicking back off here tomorrow with a short episode wrapping up my summer and introducing the new season. A new regular episode will come out next week and I'll resume an every other week (or so) pattern for the duration of the season. 

A few weeks ago I got a taste of autumn when my family and I visited Alaska. Goldenrod was already past peak and was fading and the temperature was chilly. I knew I would be coming back to Summer with a capital S here in Texas but I didn't expect drought conditions. It was crispy to say the least. Then Tropical Storm Imelda came last week and dumped quite a bit of rain on parts of Houston and SE Texas over to Beaumont, causing Harvey-like flooding in some areas. This time we were on the clean side of the storm and may have gotten 2-3". It was much needed and I'm glad we didn't flood but burn bans are still in affect for my county. It wasn't quite enough to break the drought here and certainly not in central Texas which is suffering even more. 

But, the sun shifts, the plants know the signal and we are winding down the growing season. Autumn is here officially, we just need the cooler temperatures to go with it!

Garden Reads & Listens:
A few posts I've written recently:
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+Black Billed Magpie | Bird Creek at Chugach State Park

+A Big Bowl of Lonestar Biodiversity
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+Mango Season: A Field Guide
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+A Raucous Summer: Dispatches from a Half Feral Garden
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+The Glories of a Vacant Lot
+An Iris with Multiple Parents

For your ears...
I've listened to a lot of things this summer but unfortunately didn't flag any of them!
Previously on the Podcast

Coming Up on the Podcast - Working Titles
+Ep. 5-1: Welcome Back - The Summer Garden, Alaska, and a New Season

+Ep. 5-2: The Urban Prairie - Tandy Hills Natural Area
+Ep. 5-3: The Botanical Hikers
I haven't been videoing lately!
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