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September 17th:
Cine Club: September
El Viejo y Jesús or The old man and Jesús

JesusA documentary film by the film collective Calle y Media chronicling the lives of two men living on the streets of Caracas in the middle of a right-wing push to reverse the gains of the revolutionary process in Venezuela.  The lyrical wisdom of the Old Man and the explosive word of Jesús, demonstrate the liberatory commitment of the people of Venezuela, beyond the influence of leaders or any enlightened vanguard. This film is the documented prophecy of a rebellion that minute by minute silently plots from under the bridges and the sewers a world that will sooner of later rise up thirsting for justice.

There will also be the premire of a short documentary filmed by B media during the 2009 PCASC Venezuela delegation about street musicians reclaiming space for their art to be seen and heard. 

September 29th:

Professor of Economics, Robin Hahnel

 Topic: “Participatory Economics” 
The Participatory Economics Project is a campaign to promote critical and creative thought on economic issues and vision 

 Wednesday September 29th 2010
Program Begins at 7 PM
Multnomah Friends Meetinghouse
4312 SE Stark Street, Portland OR 97215

Free & Open to public / Donations Accepted
Wheelchair accessible

Sponsored by
PCASC and American Friends Service Committee

More details at

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Jobs with Justice "Jobs Emergency Day of Action" where will will deliver the petition below! Tell your friends.
Rally for Jobs. Hands off Social Security and Medicare.
Wednesday, Sept. 15th, 4:15pm 
Gather @ the Corner of NE 6th & Holladay St. at 4:15pm, March at 4:30pm
5:15pm: Rally @ Sen. Wyden’s Office 911 NE 11th Ave.

 Please take this opportunity to sign the petition to our congressional delegation here:
 * Please circulate this petition to your friends, family, co-workers and to all your online lists. A PDF of the paper version is available here


Dia de la Independencia? Clinton ponders further US. intervention in Mexico. Obama tries to do damage control. Was Clinton really off message or did she just let the cat out of the bag at the wrong time? Read Laura Carlson's excellent piece.

Floods test Guatemala's resources

Since our last appeal, heavy rains, flooding, and landslides have wracked Guatemala. Al Jazeera notes the President's observation that "weeks of heavy rains - including the latest torrent brought on by Hurricane Frank - had caused between $350-500 million in destruction across the country". Climate change disproportionately affects communities with poor infrastructure- meaning that those communities with the smallest carbon footprint are often those most vulnerable to it's impacts.  Read more from Rights Action

Alvaro Uribe teaching at Georgetown. Denies human rights violations by his administration. WHAT? Uribe go home
Latino student arrested for speaking up during lecture.  This is part of the "Adios Uribe" student-community campaign against impunity for the former head of state's crimes against humanity in Colombia. 
Colombian Father Seeks an End to Impunity: Pilgrimage for awareness begins Sept. 20th.

Weekly News Update on the Americas 9/ 12/2010
Mexico: Fighting Breaks Out at Cananea Mine (While the government spends a fortune on the Bicentennial, it can't spare a dime to protect striking workers)
On the bright side in Mexican Standoff- A state assault on unions, it looks like the Steelworkers and the Mexican miners are discussing a merger to build cross-border solidarity!

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