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Apple & Ads
Om Malik looks at the Apple move towards services – and ads – and suggest Steve Jobs would be against it. But, as he notes, Jobs looked at ad supported mdoels and made a big thing of iADs – giving up when other products were more lucrative. Now ads are one of the few growth options – and all the services act as good surfaces for ads.
Marketwatch have also focused on Apple moves in this space – spotting jobs ads aimed at Product Managers with exoeriecne developing ad platorms that cater for small businesses. They look at how Facebook has come to dominate this market and how things are changing, with this quote from a Fix friend
 “Ads are a revenue opportunity, but, more importantly, they’re a discovery mechanic,” Seufert went on. “And suddenly Facebook was determining which apps got downloaded, not Apple. My sense with all this is that they care about the revenue, but I don’t th
Expectations of hard times continue to drive job losses. Snap are to lose 20% of their team – focusing on the core business. As part of the changes we see 2 senior US execs leave to join Netflix and in Europe they have poached the MD of Google, with Claire Valoti moving to an advisory role. They also hint their focus on AR will switch to experiences rather than the hardware. Their ambition must be to be the launch partner when Apple launch their Spectacles
The information report TikTok are rethinking the structure of their ad team, with redundancies likely. Is spend dropping? Digiday think DTC hasn’t cooled off as expected.
Regulation continues to trigger changes as it impacts standard practices. The FTC has issues an enforcement action against data broker Kochave alleging;
that “data sold by Kochava, may be used to track consumers to sensitive locations”, including medical facilities and houses of worship. The company denies that it does anything improper with the geolocation data it collates. It says customers can always o
And in California a new Children’s Online Safety Bill  would require many online services to increase protections for children, could change how popular social media and game platforms treat minors.
In this weeks Deep Dive we looked at the new talent at Netflix and what we know about their plans. We also went deep on sports and TV – from the mighty Leeds to Wrexham and Crawley.
In his latest post Mike Shields considers if the growth of streaming is being exaggerated by the measurement approach – and does that mean linear is doing better than we think? I am not sure – but the business as normal TV buyers may seize this sort of thing to justify the slow movement in TV budgets.
Why does Netflix cancel shows? A UK based research firm thinks completion rates are key. Their data says that Squid Game had 80% completion – double a show that was cancelled.
A new(ish) flurry of reports on Merchant Media that have been useful recently – Riding the Retail Media Wave from Accenture, Commerce media: The new force transforming advertising from McKinsey and a good one from 2PM
This interview with the head of ads for Walmart points to some of the challenges;
Dallaire helped build Amazon into an advertising juggernaut, and his mandate at Walmart is similar. He is charged with courting advertisers of all sizes with ad products and data to stand out from the growing number of retailers standing up advertising businesses. He said the proliferation of retail media networks can be hard for advertisers to navigate because they individually reach a small audience and require advertisers to create individual campaigns.
As this piece laments – the ecology is quite fragmented now and risks turning into a new set of walled gardens
Fast Last Mile leader GoPuff have postponed their IPO and is trying to raise money – looking for $300m as a cash cushion – from bankers. Given they raised $2bn last year it’s unclear how long this will last. They are exiting Spain and plan to focus on the UK. There is still some life in this model and GoPuff look better suited to win than much of the competition. A new deal between Meta and Jio in India brings grocery shopping to Whats App – is that something we will see in other markets?
An interesting new trend in ecommerce is the ability of influencers to create their own virtual shop. In fashion celebs have started to use Depop to sell previously worn clothes. Instacart has unveiled a new in-app feature that allows customers to shop curated grocery lists created by influencers, public figures – with the first by Lizzo
I mentioned Amazon rolling back their plans to expand their just walk out stores and the cost of the tech is a major issue. One area they have had success is with stores in airports and the reinvention of WHSmith in that sector makes them a great prospect.
Why Swoon abandoned its DTC arm and is using Amazon to fulfill all its online orders
Asda confirms plans to acquire 132 convenience stores from The Co-op
A tidal wave of returns hits the e-commerce industry | The Economist
Some of the current reading I am doing on this subject. The Nike and Time stories are inspiring examples of people who got past the theory and brought some ideas to life.
Just Do It. An Overview of Nike’s web3 Strategy
Nike makes $185 million via NFT sales: Leaves Adidas, Gucci behind
How TIME Reimagined A Media Brand Through TIMEPieces NFTs and Web3 - - Neustreet podcast 
Are you ready for the Metaverse? - Forrester
What is Web3? How a decentralized internet could upend the digital economy - CB Insights Research
Why Fortnite, not Meta, is winning the metaverse - Protocol
Fortnite Creative, Meet Unreal Engine 5
Value creation in the metaverse | McKinsey
A sceptic’s guide to crypto: bonus interview with a16z’s Chris Dixon - FT
Dragons' Den's Steven Bartlett on Web3 and the future of the internet | This is Money
The pace of change is DOOH is rapidly changing - we have covered the early steps into programmatic trading of OOH and the progress in dynamic creative this allows. But this has been baby steps.
Now Google have added the ability to buy out of home ads within DV360 - whichaggregaes inventory from the emerging specialist players like Hivestack and Vista, enabling access to inventory from major players like Decaux - who for a long time resisted letting anyone resell their sites. The case study from ASOS is interesting;
ASOS used Display & Video 360 to quickly select digital billboards with the map UI and arrange relevant Programmatic Guaranteed deals with leading publishers like Intersection in the U.S. and JCDecaux in the U.K. This streamlined approach allowed the brand to lean on a central platform to buy, implement and measure their campaign. As a result, the team fast tracked the process of booking hundreds of digital billboards, generating 22 million viewed impressions across the two countries.
And along come Amazon adding the ability to buy instore posters
How long before other Merchant Media players make their in store inventory available?
A study from the ARF shows that 11 Research Measurement Technologies, Inc. (RMT) codes account for 48% of sales. This is more evidence that the key tool in advertising is creative and we can now model the economic value.
Combine this knowledge with the increasing sophistication of the GAFA platforms to otimise campaign and make of the craft skills agences used to define themselves with, are of diminishing value. A former colleague - and gifted media thinker makes the point well here.
And Eric Seufert builds on that with his piece pointing out that the automation app advertisers have been pioneering are now more widely available. The tools from Google and Meta allow brands to upload creative assets and let the platforms truly optimise
The convergence of feature across social apps continues and the New Yorker sees this as a problem for all legacy social apps - but sees the demise as a positive
It’s unlikely, at this point, that a new competitor will ever again be able to build a social graph of a size or a level of influence comparable to those of legacy platforms like Facebook and Twitter—it’s simply too hard to start from scratch when these mature services already exist. It follows that, so long as these legacy platforms rely on their underlying networks as their primary source of value, they will retain a monopolistic protection of sorts within the broader attention economy. If they instead move away from their social-graph foundations to concentrate on optimizing in-the-moment engagement, they’ll enter a competitive landscape that pits them directly against the many other existing sources of mobile distraction—not just TikTok but also more bespoke and specialized social networks, such as the Gen-Z sensation BeReal, to say nothing of popular video streamers, podcasts, video games, self-improvement apps, and, for the somewhat older demographic to which I belong, Wordle.
But the Verge has  the head of Facebook on his plans to compete with TikTok and win back Gen Z. Good luck with that
But maybe the fear of China could save the current players if TikTok gets banned like the Australians are talking of; TikTok in Australia could be banned amid threats of Chinese espionage | Daily Mail Online
In this weeks Good TikTok Creative we look at another Chinese cultural giant - Genshin. More on this influential game here
The smartphone is the new sun — Benedict Evans
TikTok ramps up connected TV push -slight overclaim but it does highlight an area where Meta is weak
Andreessen Horowitz Takes Tinseltown — The Information As entertainment and tech get closer San Francisco VC firms are moving to LA
Reports refute rumors that Amazon is set to buy Electronic Arts But who will? 
The Big Story: From Precision To Panels - Adexchanger Podcast on the growth of panels from measurement
EV Charging-Station Operators Set to Battle for Ad Dollars - Advertising - the worst business model - except for all the others that have been tried

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