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The big streaming stories we have been covering reach a new chapter. Disney+ is live in Europe and QuiBi launches on Monday - in the US at least. The chart above shows how the current crisis has a silver lining for streaming firms. Even Netflix with their big installed base saw a spike. And I would guess we would see spikes from Xumi, Tubi and Pluto etc - see the Pluto CEO interview we had in Fix / Friday last week
The Wall St Journal makes a similar point on the dramatic rise in the streaming audience but contrasts that with the equally dramatic fall in ad spend showing that a high proportion of ad slots are running empty.
If you want to go deeper Matthew Ball has a good essay on the covId effect on Streaming
And as we also said on Friday we echo the Forrester comment;
this isn’t just about the future of TV: It’s about the future of digital relationships.” You can’t be Disney, but you can aim for higher-frequency, emotion-rich relationships. 
The newTV businesses we cover here are clearly DTC brands and we can learn from them, just as we learn from more orthodox Merchants.
The shape of the streaming business is affected by issues like Covod but the architects of the space have the real influence and we will focus on the people driving this sector forward.
One of the early movers was Aswin Navin of Samba. Started back in 2011 Samba is an interesting double sided company. By analysing what people watch (and hence know what they enjoy) - using Automatic Content Recognition - they help people find new shows they will like. This permission data is clearly useful to advertisers so the other side of the business is a data platform that lets them see which channels and which shows get watched by who.
I see the discovery issue as a huge opportunity and anyone providing this service could do well - but i think it will be on the mobile,  to sidestep the balkanisation of TV across devices and channels. The same applies with measurement, as everyone wants to get to a single view of video audiences - but vested interests are getting in the way.
TradeDesk have come to newTV more recently and this interview with Jeff Green builds on his comments at their last earnings call which we covered a few weeks ago. Asked to talk about The Trade Desk and connected TV, he says
We’re all in for a bunch of reasons. It’s the most effective form of advertising to win the hearts and minds of the consumer. In seven years, when advertising becomes one of a handful of trillion dollar industries, I believe half of that pie will be some form of video. There’s also no one in TV who has the lion’s share of market share—it’s really fragmented.  

Like me Green is convinced Netflix will have to take ads eventually - sounds like a biz dev pitch. 
The main ad supported player in the newTV world is Roku and in this interview with their CMO he makes the case for ad supported streaming;
Overall, I think streaming will support each of the business models in media. But some parts of the industry have overlooked just how compelling free TV is to many consumers. The opportunity to watch something without having to pay additionally is something that we see can build a very, very big audience. We think that essentially free TV will co-exist alongside some transactions like rentals and subscriptions.
The interview covers issues like ad load, privacy and the downturn in ad spend. The big question for Roku is who ends up buying them? With all the M&A going on Roku is too small to stay independent and would be really valuable to a big player who is lagging in their involvement in new TV. Hello Facebook, we’re looking at you.
There isn't really anyone around who gets the Entertainment business like Jeffrey Katzenberg (read his wikipedia entry) and his gamble on QuiBi has everyone transfixed - although a sizable group expects him to fail. Even the advantage of launching when a huge audience is sat at home with time on their hands is seen by some as a disadvantage; this is a mobile only service designed to be enjoyed on the go.
There’s no question that there’s a difference between having in between time traveling to work or standing in line at Starbucks or taking a break from a meeting, but that’s not to say our lives have delivered us a whole different set of in-between moments. Whether you need a break from schooling the kids or entertaining them or need a break from sitting on your computer and working, those things haven’t changed, we still need and have many in-between times. I think they are different but I don’t think they are better or worse. I don’t think there’s fewer of them. There’s plenty of in-between moments in our lives right now where I think something like this is going to be appreciated and valued.
We are seeing Acast data that shows that podcasts - another mobile, on the go habit - are doing well in the current crisis, so time will tell with QuiBi - they are offering the first 90 days for free and have a distribution partnership with TMobile
The absence of sports - and the consequent  evaporation of all those sports focused ad budgets is causing nightmares for many. Old content is being used in some clever ways by rights owners. But the smartest idea may be from our current fascination MSCHF. They are Simulating The Lost Games As Hyper-realistic Audio Broadcasts on I have tweeted their founder Gabriel Whaley to ask if he will do the same for Leeds 9 outstanding games. This profile of him is good background on a very influential business
Mentioned this article on Ari Emanuel and talent agency WME on Friday and think it’s worth highlighting again. One of the interesting aspects of newTV is that it is a clash of cultures; TV vs Tech, Hollywood versus San Fran, Coders versus Creatives and Introverts versus Extroverts - and Talent Agencies feel like the front line. ( And it’s what Entourage is based on)
The entire world is streaming more than ever — and it’s straining the internet
Data from our friends at SuperAwesome shows kids are watching more screen time than ever due to the lockdown - but connected TV is lagging tablets and phones
As ad budgets evaporate it’s tough times at ITV - amidst all the budget cuts can they really continue to support Britbox? I would play to their strengths - ad sales - and switch from the subs model asap.

newTV is an area i am really focused on - if there is value for you in this space lets talk about how I might help - hit reply

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