August Twenty Six
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Resolving Complexity
The new Lumascape for convergent TV shows a few things. First the shift from linear - for both audience and adspend - is encouraging entrepreneurs to focus on this space. Second, there are already signs of consolidation. And third, many of the key firms also play in digital, so we can hope for integration between newTV and digital in general.
But we need to resist the knee jerk bias to complexity. Too many people over complicate things and this area is no exception.
Two things to help. A friend from the Media Kitchen writes about how they worked with a client to move spend into newTV. And this course from the Trade Desk lead on CTV is a good use of 20 minutes.
Ad Supported
Whilst there is a lot of news on Disney+ and the other streaming giants, there is lots of action on the ad supported sector too. Some of which is not that different to linear, as the COO of the Law&Crime Network points out;
“We’re still in the wild west of [streaming] where things are developing slowly. On some platforms, there is going to be a convergence where parts of it mirror what traditional TV is or was like,”
Pluto and our friends at Samsung are the dominant players in AVOD but Amazon and Roku are moving fast. The Amazon IMDB service is to get more prominence on Amazon Fire and they will emulate Samsung and Pluto by streaming video as soon as the app launches.
And in a long Variety piece, that looks at the problems around TV and the feuding between Madison Avenue and the TV networks, they call out that many believe some spending on TV may shift permanently to ad-supported video services like Hulu, Pluto and Peacock
 “You need them because that’s where viewership will continue to go, and so I would look to make some arrangement with them and see if they are willing to be uniquely flexible and creative,” 
And I found this hedge fund exec arguing that Netflix needs to embrace advertising
Creative format
One big issue remains unresolved in newTV. What is the creative format that makes this whole sector work for brands and for people? As this article points out the atomic unit of TV was the 30 second ad - but that is now less than half of all ads running on linear.
Shorter ads seem certain to be part of the answer - but maybe with the option to watch part 2? Someone once said the role for TV ads was to be trailers for digital experiences and that still makes so much sense. Adding a response mechanism to newTV is needed - if people want to go from your ad (on their phone or smart TV)to your site or app (on their phone or smart TV) we have to take the friction out.
It’s a shame that Apple shuttered that functionality when they bought Shazam. People are experimenting though - this beer ad uses a QR code to let viewers of the Champions League win a pint. Innovation like the pause ads and binge ads are promising too.
Great ads don’t need to be short - but do they need much adspend behind them? This wonderful Nike ad has been seen by 28m people in 3 days
The new Nielsen Total Audience report has lots of good data. The headline is that streaming is now 25% of all TV viewing in the US and Netflix is just over a third of that. But its also sobering to see people spending over half a day with media – and clearly some of that time is using more than one at a time
This article pick some highlights and the full report is here
But it’s US only. This Conviva report looks globally and shows Europe to have the fastest growth in streaming. It also goes into device usage; Samsung dominates the smart TV sector and Roku is the biggest on connected TV devices.
The report on ConnectedTV from SpotX and Samsung Ads that we feature at the end of this mail is good insight into the major European markets and is well worth downloading too.
Disney & Hulu
Lots going on with Disney. They do well in the Nielsen data with 4% of total streaming time even before their Hamiltion launch (Netflix score 34%). They are making a huge push for their next big release - Mulan will be available as Premium VoD through Apple Roku and Google as well as their own service.
Macquarie Research see Disney as the leader in streaming with 19% of their revenue coming from DTC. Lions Gate is the surprise at number 2 reflecting how well their Starz business does globally
Given Disney plan to go global under the Star brand (which they already run in India) there may be some confusion to come but the decision to park the global plans for Hulu and go instead for Star is well covered in this essay 
ITV launches data partnership with InfoSum - big step forward for the UK market.
Really good work from the Telegraph on CoronaVision how lockdown changed the future of Television. An interactive feature with lots of content that you choose how to navigate through.
Google building streaming video aggregation feature for Chrome
Cable banked on fleecing sports fans. Now, it’s paying the price
Americans go back to the movies despite continuing pandemic
Mobile changed TV in many ways. Watching on the bus via your smartphone. At a business model level. And how drama plays out - how Sherlock cracked the case of on-screen mobile phone use
The Shepherds: A new class of executives take over to guide media industry’s transformation - lots of changes in the people running newTV
Hard To Predict Where TV Ad Market Is Going, But Roku On Track

And from our partners at Samsung Ads, a great new report on Connnected TV;

“The television has long been the heart of the living room, and the recent advancement of CTV, with its abundance of choice and channels, positions the viewer increasingly at the centre of the TV experience. What’s clear from this report and our own data is that the CTV landscape is growing rapidly and, as a result, understanding the changing consumption habits across Europe and providing a seamless viewing experience to match is the key to unlocking the many opportunities that lie within this space.

As technology continues to accelerate advancements in television, so too will the many exciting opportunities for both advertisers and media houses to reach viewers in creative ways. As the leading connected audience platform, Samsung Ads endeavours to continually provide a clear picture of how European viewers interact with CTV through our device-level data insights from Samsung Smart TVs to help our partners keep ahead of the curve.”

Nikalas Dewar, European Sales Director, Samsung Ads
Making the simple complicated is commonplace;  Making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity - Charles Mingus

I'm with Charles. Too many people make things overly complicated.
I try to really understand what's going on, and look for the patterns that unlock opportunities.
How can I help you unlock the potential of newTV?

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