September Twenty Three
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Social Video
A new study from Google on video watching habits supports our thesis on newTV - that consumers don't see that much difference between YouTube, TikTok and good old fashioned Telly. Each - and everything in between - work at different times, in different contexts and for different moods.
70% of global viewers say that their moods dictate their content choices and the top reason for watching video is that it helps relax and unwind.
The opportunity for brands is to dissolve the silos that hamper them and create content and messaging that is right for each context.
But with this huge range of differing content and context we need some better ways to think about the similarities and the differences. So this thought around the Entertainment Curve is interesting - arguing that the Social value can be as important as the Production value
Streaming Wars
One of the bitterest squabbles in newTV appears to have been resolved. Peacock, the latest big SVOD launch, is coming to Roku devices in the next few weeks. The spat started when Comcast demurred over the Roku insistence on having 30% of their ad inventory to sell. They had the same issue with Amazon and when launched in July were absent from both.
Comcast escalated the issue by threatening to pull all their NBC services off Roku and now a compromise has been reached. No word on who blinked and what has been conceded. But another issue was the Comcast desire to use their own proprietary adtech, which we guess has some synergies with Sky Adsmart etc.
Does this mean that a deal with Amazon could be imminent? Here the issue is complicated by another dispute over who owns the subscriber data when someone signs up for a channel through Amazon. 
It’s likely HBO are going through similar discussions but they don’t plan on selling ads until next Spring
Business Insider look at the reluctance on the part of some advertisers to embrace addressable TV and in our Guild group there has been an interesting discussion around this.
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The new PWC report on Media and Entertainment over 2020 to 2024 looks at peak wallet and says "there will be a number of high-profile streaming casualties by the end of the forecast period," 
(If we have any PWC execs reading I would love to see the full report)
newTV Ads
So if people are not going to fund this new sector, who will? Yes. Advertisers.
I mentioned the new Netflix sampling site - powered by Netflix ads  - and think they may - at some time - take some ads there. Someone worked out they could make an extra $1billion
But in the short term they actually are taking ads - just not ones that look like the last 50 years of ads. This Variety piece looks in some detail at the work they have done with Coke and others. More are mentioned here - along with the emerging opportunity of digital product placement. But this piece suggests the money is bypassing Netflix and going straight to the showrunners - although Netflix claim;
“None of the brands and products that appear in ‘Stranger Things 3’ were paid for or placed by third parties. They’re all part of the [show creator] Duffer Brothers’ storytelling, which references 1980s consumer and popular culture.”
One of the reasons this type of advertising works for brands and people is that it's not too intrusive. US TV has kept adding commercial minutage and the shows have got shorter to make room. A huge challenge with newTV is avoiding this ‘noise’ and finding ‘polite’ formats is a big opportunity.
This is a good summary of TV in 2020 and looks at saving TV ads from extinction; pitching for fewer, less annoying Ads that are actually relevant.
Differing stories on whether the PVOD release of Mulan was a success or not. The CFO of Disney said they were very pleased with the Labour Day weekend performance.
Analysts say app downloads grew by 68% and in app spending was up by 200%
There is some good analysis of the strategy behind the release of Mulan and Tenet in this podcast with analyst Rich Greenfield. He thinks that giving Mulan for free to subscribers would have been smarter, as it could bring in more new subscribers. This is more data and analysis asking the question was Mulan an unmitigated disaster? Or is it more complicated than that.
Generally the feeling is that these experiments around newCinema have not worked. But is that because the films are not that good? The acid test is the new Bond film due in November.
The CFO of AT&T watched Tenet in a cinema and in a good interview talked up the prospects of cinema. It’s a Warner film so he maybe would say that. The real news was he wouldn't comment on the rumours that their adtech business Xandr is for sale.
For more on Hollywood this is a great interview with the head of one of the top Talent Agencies. And this look at the Emmy winning Schitts Creek ( the perfect lockdown series?) is interesting as it highlights the power of Netflix in marketing; how they took an old show with little profile and the platform made it a huge hit.
If you think back to the YouTube study on video, gaming is clearly an adjacency and even Netflix call out Fortnite as their biggest competition. Last week we heard Fortnite were running a concert series and K-pop superstar group BTS will launch their new video there next week.
Twitch is part of the Amazon move towards fashion and this week streamed the Burberry show for London fashion Week directly from Epping Forest
Maybe the Microsoft purchase of top games studio Bethesda will turn out to be a better deal than a TikTok stake would have.
Have Quibi run out of road? They seem to be up for sale and the assets are being scrutinised. They have their ‘turnstyle tech, $200m in cash (from the $1.8bn they raised) and licences to some good shows.
And their investors are a dream - all the key Hollywood players and Alibaba. Looking at what Netflix did with Schitt's Creek could someone turn these Quibi shows into hits? And is some sort of merger more likely than a sale? Is Katzenberg a plus for a buyer, or is this his chance to walk away with some pride?
Comscore partners with Samba for a connected TV research
'Amazon is a brand play for us': How Buick is building a long-term partnership around Amazon's ad business
Social media groups urged to block ads targeting teens
6 tips for maintaining production & maximizing your content - Facebook resource for Creators
Seeing Like an Algorithm 
Comcast is looking to enter the smart TV wars
The Future of Media: A New Framework for Valuing Content - Accenture study
What will streaming look like in the 2020s

If you are taking part in DMexco don't miss this session tomorrow; The Future of TV Advertising is Digital  with Seat, PHD and Samsung Ads
And from our partners at Samsung Ads, Alex Hole, the European vice-president shares a new ‘Behind The Screens’ report on viewership habits across its TV devices across five European countries; UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. He comments;
"The significant growth of streaming is a landmark moment in TV consumption, and one crucial for advertisers to be aware of. The days of streaming as an emerging behaviour are over; it is now the central viewership method. As such, advertisers need to adjust strategies to reach viewers where they are. Viewers are still showing up to primetime linear TV, but advertisers must avoid the trap of over-exposure to this audience to the detriment of reaching streamers”.
“A holistic media plan that understands the importance of targeted advertising across the connected TV environment is now critical to success for advertisers looking to reach consumers in crucial moments across their viewership habits, be that flicking from linear to VOD services or heavy streamers who rarely venture into the linear landscape.” 
Making the simple complicated is commonplace;  Making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity - Charles Mingus

I'm with Charles. Too many people make things overly complicated.
I try to really understand what's going on, and look for the patterns that unlock opportunities. How can I help you unlock the potential of newTV?

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