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May 9
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🔥 What TikTok Taught Us: Judging the Good TikTok Creative Awards

For the last 85 weeks Antony McGuire and I have been analyzing different case studies of brands on TikTok like NikePepsiCo, and Unilever.

Our learnings have culminated in the very first Good TikTok Creative Awards, where we worked with amazing judges like Rory Sutherland Niran Vinod Ian Crocombe Aman Matharu Délia McNair-Lauret Hannah Ratcliff Ryan Martin.

Come join us this afternoon at 4PM BST/11AM EST as we reveal the award winners and share our learnings. Sign up here 

In this week's deep dive, we covered the Upfronts where we see some real innovation around advertising. The IAB kicked off the season with data showing that connected TV to 15 billion dollar market. Double what it was a year ago. Amazon Peacock and Roku showed interesting new ad formats and Virtual Product Placement is going mainstream.  And we saw case studies, proving it's effectiveness, from M&Ms, Colgate and Neutrogena
Netflix wasn't at the Upfronts but its presence was felt. 
Bob Lefsetz is a great commentator on media. His take on Netflix is interesting - he doesn't think Netflix is in trouble. He thinks Wall Street is. It's a long piece but well worth reading
The FT looked at the Sony strategy. In light of the Netflix upheavals does being an arms dealer still work? It’s best when you have lots of potential customers, but if Netflix does trigger a slowing down in content investment, can Sony still thrive?
Another long piece is by Mike Darcy, a long time Sky exec, who shares his thinking on the new world of streaming and shares the back story on the Sky domination of Europe we still see.
Samsung shared two interesting documents this week. One they call Total Media Solution which details their extensive advertising offering. Another looks at gaming.
Retail Week got some attention this week with this headline, Paltry demand shows rapid delivery may not outlast the pandemic. Bearish stuff and based on a comment from the sainsbury's CEO talking about their results
Take a guess at the value of on-demand grocery sales at Sainsbury’s last year. The equivalent to the amount sold in 10 supermarkets? 15? 20?
The answer is just two. Yes, you read that right. Quick commerce, or q-commerce – the rapid delivery offer provided through Sainsbury’s own Chop Chop service, or with partners Deliveroo and Uber Eats – only generated as much revenue as a couple of its supermarkets. For context, Sainsbury’s has 598 of them.
Now I read the data the other way round. Achieving sales equivalent to two supermarkets in a brand new sector, without the expense of building said supermarkets, seems pretty good to me. 
I don't think Fast Last Mile is going to be a huge sector. I don't think they'll be lots of players, but the huge investment has established 15 minutes or 30 minutes as a category for grocery delivery. I believe the big supermarkets will continue to service this demand, either by themselves or in partnership with Deliveroo or Uber or Go Puff.
To see Tesco expanding their rapid deliveries makes me feel more comfortable with that forecast - they have partnered with Uber Eats to deliver orders made through the Tesco Whoosh programme. 
One aspect of the Merchants world that is still woefully misunderstood, is customer experience. I always say the best way to double the effect of a ad campaign is to halve basket abandonment and it's usually cheaper and much easier than tweaking the ads. Fix friend Glyn Britton has shared his experience of really focusing on CX and reaping the benefits
The Information reveal Google have bought Raxium from under the nose of Meta and Snap. Raxium makes the tiny LEDs essential for AR and VR, where Google have apparently struggled. It's a reminder all the big players are active in mixed reality
The most vocal is undoubtedly Snap. This deep dive on them is a good read
I mentioned last week the new WPP managed service around ecommerce and the apparent problems Meta are having with their ecommerce platform should be a warning. There is some dissatisfaction with the service and some execs have left. But it’s such a crucial area and I am sure meta will get it right. WPP? We’ll see.
FB/Meta have a range of new products for SMEs; improving lead generation and making it easier to build ads that initiate a whatsapp conversation.
Over at TikTok they will use the upfronts to announce TikTok Pulse, a new ad format that places ads adjacent to the top content on the For You feed. It will ensure ads run next to verified content with a house level of brand suitability applied on the platform
They are also taking a page from the Facebook Playbook and enabling brands to add first party cookies to its conversion pixel. This should really help the attribution, which has been comparatively poor versus Facebook, etc
But that is being questioned - Facebook Advertisers Are Itching For Change As Bugs Infest Its Attribution Tech
The Snap New Front was equally glitzy with gymnast Simone Biles announcing a Snap Original show and TikTok star Addison Rae also talked up her upcoming snap show. A partnership with celebrity app Cameo and a new ad format called Promote also featured.
The Snap summit was also full of product information. This sizzle real on YouTube gets over the range and their ambition.
Collectively, the Brandtech Group Influencer agency, have shared a good resource; Influencer_Marketing_2022_Marketers_Playbook.pdf

In this weeks Good TikTok Creative we looked at Depop

Web3 / metaverse
So much happening in web3. But still unclear where the value is for brands. Sceptics have seized upon stories of falling interest - but it’s not clear how accurate these are. Right now we are all in learning mode;
NFT Sales Are Flatlining - WSJ
New Realities: Into the Metaverse and beyond - Wunderman
The Vogue Business fashion NFT review: What's working? 
An Introduction to Web3 for Marketers: Objects: Chains, Tokens, Wallets, and Worlds - Advertising Week
Lindsey McInerney: The Metaverse and the 'DIC Punch'?
Starbucks to launch NFTs this year, offering access to 'unique experiences and benefits' | TechCrunch?
Are NFTs the Future of Subscriptions?
The Metaverse of Things: This startup is using microchips to turn physical objects into NFTs?
Shanghai residents turn to NFTs to record COVID lockdown, combat censorship | Reuters
Why Luxury Brands Must Be Strategic With NFTs in the Metaverse | Jing Daily
Tokengated Commerce - Not Boring by Packy McCormick
Amazon’s Flagship Online-Shopping Business Stalls After Decades of Growth- WSJ
Fundamentals of group buying - by Ana Andjelic?
The EU's asking why Apple Pay is the only NFC wallet on iPhones?
DALL-E, the Metaverse, and Zero Marginal Content - Stratechery
The State of Fashion: Technology —| BoF & McKinsey
The Technium: 103 Bits of Advice I Wish I Had Known - Keving Kelly
The ITSCI laundromat | Global Witness - the supply chain for your iPhone is suspect 
Play Fortnite on iOS, iPadOS, Android Phones and Tablets, and Windows PC with Xbox Cloud Gaming for Free - big move from Epic
Google Creative Works Presents Creative Caviar: The ABCDs of ROI Episode - a must watch

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