Monday July 18
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In this week's deep dive we of course covered the Netflix Microsoft partnership for their ad supported service. I think the deal makes sense because there's no competition and maybe the Microsoft focus on games could be helpful to Netflix too. But there is a way to go; they are hiring someone to lead the new business and negotiating with content providers to be able to run ads in content.
Closer to home the fate of Channel 4 depends on who wins the current Tory party version of Squid Game. The depths that politicians have gone to to try and drive through privatisation extended to trying to doctor the C4 annual report
The drum beats of negative sentiment about TikTok are increasing. Prof Galloway wrote a long piece arguing its Chinese heritage means the potential for espionage is a concern as it its use for propaganda. Regulators have asked Apple and Google to remove it from the App Stores.
More proasic concerns are getting press - Vox point out how many ads are not labelled as ads. The issue of Brand Safety is being addressed with new inventory filters.
The new report on kids Living and learning in a digital world from Qustodio reveals that kids and teens are now watching more TikTok than YouTube. As Galloway points out there is a huge number of creators on TikTok - and other platforms - and these creators drive the usage numbers, with the audience they attract.
So all platforms are keen to encourage creators and this Digiday video shows creators  talking about how they repurpose content from one platform to share on another. So, many Reels are TikToks and sometimes vice versa. Obviously this ease of sharing works for everyone but each platform wants to be the main choice.
If you are new to this, where do you begin? Well brands would usually ask their agency, but are they well equipped to advise? This piece hears that TikTok chops are “huge” for creative agencies at the moment but the focus is on digital agencies hiring specialist talent. The challenge is to find people who know the platform and also understand marketing comms.
In the latest Good TikTok Creative we look at how Unilever aced the task of repurposing a Lynx TV commercial for TikTok. So easy to get this wrong
Apps and advertisers are coming for your lock screen, and it's going to be exhausting - The Verge
Not an area I usually cover here but Out of Home is quickly going digital and now programmatic is having real impact. An expert friend tells me some of the big players want to go totally DOOH and we now see 6 sheets being converted to digital.
The buy side is developing quickly; The Trade Desk and Omnicom Media Group UK have announced a new partnership with Talon Outdoor
One buyer asks if digital OOH headed the way of display advertising? Can prices be protected?
Lots of the best inventory is around retailers so can DOOH be thought of as Merchant Media? Here Westfield are looking to 'redefine The Shopping Mall As A Media Owner'
We see web3 thinking driving innovation in many verticals. In Music can NFTs facilitate Stream to Own? Warner Music have a NFT project with Bose.
In fashion Draup intends to democratise the industry with a platform that lets anyone be a designer. And Depop have partnered with Sims - Depop selected five of its most popular sellers to design outfits that can be bought in a virtual thrift store
In Sports PSG is selling NFT tickets for its Japanese tour - with VIP access - for over $200k and  (in adjacent sectors) Deloitte Global predicts NFTs for sports media will generate more than $2 billion in transactions in 2022 and Puma are making a big Web3 push 
Lots of thinking being shared; Media Monks released a XR Wearables Intelligence Report and someone on LinkedIn listed all the key consultants reports on Web 3 and Metaverse
And major steps forward - RTFKT have announced A new Era Begins : the start of the Avatar Economy | by RTFKT  and Samsung Next invests in move-to-earn NFT game GenoPets - 
Perhaps the most significant news is how web3 is starting to go mainstream - with Snap exploring plans to let users showcase NFTs as filters
Creative Review take a good look at Epic - who as the company behind Unreal and Fortnite have helped shape the current version of the metaverse;
In addition, Epic has recently acquired companies to help expand the potential for
creators into new areas. These include music app Bandcamp, art platform ArtStation, and SuperAwesome, which helps brands work with Epic and create kid-friendly digital experiences. “We’re trying to create an ecosystem to attract creators from every industry in the world that want to build rich, immersive, 3D experiences and reach
new McKinsey report gives the big picture on Merchant Media as it looks at the European opportunity. Of course the differences in ecommerce take up by country make generalisations hard, they do see one significant difference. Investment in store is more advanced on this side of the atlantic so there are more opportunities for IRL Merchant Media than the US
A Publicis exec calls for more big picture thinking and talks up First Party Data as a valuable outcome;
Clearly, real-time data from retail media offers access to first party data that brands and advertisers just haven’t had access to at scale previously, particularly so close to the action at the sales end of the funnel and we should expect to see more test and learn activity in this space as a result.
Amazon wrote the book on Merchant Media and keep improving. The Amazon Ads website has great resources and their about us page reminds just how rich their media ecology is.
A new patent for virtual product placements within media content, shows the innovation continues. Mirriad, a UK firm, are the Dons of this technology and their new report on The Lost Audiences is worth reading.
It’s all gone ominously quiet on the ad tech perfect storm. Google are testing Topics and a smart thinker points out how it potentially disadvantages smaller publishers - and how it lacks the granularity of Floc - 350 topics at present versus the 33k Floc promised.
In effort to appease US regulators Google are offering concessions
As part of one offer, Google has proposed splitting parts of its business that auctions and places ads on websites and apps into a separate company under the Alphabet umbrella, some of the people said. That entity could potentially be valued at tens of billions of dollars, depending on what assets it contained.
The idea that Google could dispose of chunks of its adetch business no longer seems fanciful and I think they will need to, if they want to get the regulator off their back.
This constant pressure from regulators leads one analyst to suggest Google could join industry initiatives rather than build their own;
Martin expects Google will punt on cookie deprecation until an open industry solution such as the Unified ID 2.0 initiative reaches scale and Google can just join that program, rather than forging its own solution.
The new Disney deal with Trade Desk made a big thing of their support for Unified ID and if Google were to have Chrome support it, this could be a game changer.
Google-backed Glance acquires gaming platform Gambit in NFT push | TechCrunch
Gaming Trends Report - Samsung

Even in a Crypto Crackdown, NFTs in China Are Booming

AmEx Launches AR Treasure Hunt With Real Prizes - VRScout
2022 Disney Accelerator Participants Announced - 6 companies focused on Web 3 metaverse and AR
The Walt Disney Company Earns 147 Primetime Emmy® Award Nominations

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