April Fifteen
Are the days blurring for you too? it’s not first thing Friday morning  - this is where we share an additional midweek Fix, going deeper on our core topics. This week newTV, next week Merchants and we will alternate. We will get this onto a separate database so people can opt out of this if they want - but if you unsubscribe now you lose Fix Friday too. Would love your thoughts on how we make this better  - hit reply.

The big story in newTV is still Quibi - with the CEO Meg Whitman claiming 1.7m app downloads in the first week and that 80% of people who have started a show watch it through the first episode.
Customer feedback has led them to speed up plans to be able to view shows on the TV rather than just on mobile, and it seems the inability to screengrab playback is a pretty standard DRM (Digital Rights Management) issue - just as with Netflix you can screenshot home or detail pages but not playback. 
The cynics still dominate the headlines - with lots of Apple and Orange comparisons with Disney+ and Bloomberg claim they need 12m subscribers to break even
The most vocal positive voice - we shared the post Quibi Will Be A Multi-Billion Dollar Company last week - now has a good podcast - still very positive having experienced the service. Reviews of the key shows are pretty good too. And in an interview P&G Marketing boss Mark Pritchard called out their investment in ads on QuibI as part of their experimentation strategy.
Industry analyst Matthew Ball covers Quibi in a good thread - essentially the issue is have they seen a gap in the market?
(Quibi) believes that there is an outstanding need for a new type of content, focused on a different time and place, under a different viewing behavior and focused on a specific audience. If it is right, and it can build up a defensible leadership position before other players replicate it, a new subscription will be possible and it doesn’t matter how many SVODs a customer already has..
I think yes and the learnings from China support this - look at these examples of Chinese vertical video - an emerging visual language.
The other proof point is the success of Snap with their mobile first video - albeit for a different market. This from a good profile of Snap;
Snap has also constructed a formidable premium content business on its Discover platform, which functions like a mini, mobile-optimised Netflix, with five-minute shows that users can subscribe to and binge on. There are now more than 450 channels of content worldwide, and in the fourth quarter of 2019, more than 50 shows had a monthly audience of more than 10 million people. The first season of teen-orientated scripted show Endless Summer, produced by the team behind Keeping Up with the Kardashians, racked up 28 million viewers.
New data on the US teen market shows Teens spend 33% of their daily video consumption on Netflix followed by YouTube at 31%; Disney+ debuts at 7%. Pretty consistent with 2019 data except last year TikTok did not feature at all - and now is at 62%. 

That distinction between video consumption and social engagement feels fragile. New tools like Netflix Party and the new Secret Sofa project - a collective viewing of Grand Budapest Hotel from SecretCinema - will further blur this distinction.
The dearth of traditional sports is driving more interest in Esports from viewers but advertisers seem less convinced. Disney owned ESPN are investing though - now with a League of Legends event shared with Twitch and YouTube. But mistiming the ad breaks caused some furore.
GAFA keep buying traditional sports rights and will get the execution right one day. Everyone in the business knows how much ad budget is devoted to sports - which is why revenues are so far down in this lockdown. But the big opportunity is sorting the ageing profile of sports audiences on TV.

Roku have provided some estimated performance figures for Q1 ahead of their official earnings due in early May. They estimate Q1 Active Accounts at 39.8 million (up 37% year-over-year vs. 36% in Q4) implying roughly 3 million net additions, with Q1 streaming hours at 13.2 billion (up 49% Y/Y vs. 60% in Q4). They should be a good addition to the UK media landscape; as an ad supported business there is much to learn from them.
One of the smartest thinkers on newTV is Dave Morgan, an industry veteran and key player in the newTV ecology. He spoke at a New York event on newTV we did with The Media Kitchen a couple of years ago and he always provokes. In a new article he calls for the industry to retool around 3 pillars;
Reform core TV ad products.
Reform core TV ad processes
Fix TV ad measurement and reporting
It's on this latter point he nails it; This is the time for TV ad sellers to measure and report on what marketers and their bosses really care about most. They want to see campaign delivery in real time, updated regularly, across channels, de-duplicated by audiences and linked to actual performance like target reached. They want frequency de-averaged at the person and impression level. They want reporting on business outcomes, not just media outputs. They want to know attribution to their key performance indicators, like web visits, leads and conversions.
And a new initiative from Freewheel and the Trade Desk goes a long way to  address the point on Processes. Now who is working on the ad products?
I have just read the autobiography of Disney CEO Bob Iger and given his energy and smarts, it’s not too surprising to see he has jumped back into running Disney as they face crisis, just weeks after anointing a new CEO and supposedly stepping back to focus on creative.
The new Warner Media CEO has a great pedigree at Hulu (and is labeled a Product Geek) and talks of this new challenge as to; “sort through some of the gnarly things that are going to be confronting any company on the planet — particularly media companies — with regards to consumer behavior changes.”
Business Insider profiles 23 people shaping the TV advertising industry - who are the UK equivalents?

newTV is an area i am really focused on - if there is value for you in this space lets talk about how I might help - hit reply

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