August Twelve
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Audience Behaviours
We use the term newTV to cover all types of video content and in recognition that people choose to use all manner of devices to watch the content they enjoy. The new Ofcom report gives us lots of evidence of these behaviours. Adoption of devices is at an all time high and with the Covid effect people are spending much more time with newTV than ever before. For 16-34s the time spent on newTV is 6hours 21 - with broadcast making up less than a third of this.
Some persist in thinking that, at some point, the young stop acting differently and adopt the more traditional behaviour of watching linear TV. That's not going to happen and brands need to recognise this and adapt their marketing.
The BBC covers these changes saying;
In the age of information overload, our attention is the most precious resource. These days we devote ever more of it to screens. And that was before lockdown.
The surge in screen viewing through the pandemic is genuinely extraordinary.
It's important to remember that many of the companies or services that have turned us into screen addicts didn't exist a decade ago.
More evidence of this shift is the kids market, where the top channels like Nickelodeon and Disney have been usurped by YouTube. 80% of parents say their kids watch YouTube and many of the top YouTube channels are kid focused. UK firm Moonbug is buying up strong kids channels and has bought Blippi and Cocomelon - which generates 3.5 billion views a month on YouTube. They plan to monetise this audience with toys and merchandise

The battle between Walmart and Amazon extends to many fronts. Walmart are pressurising TV maker Vizio to remove the Amazon Prime button from the remote control of the TVs they sell through Walmart.
A more credible strategy is on the adfront where Walmart Ad Centre lets brands see sales driven by the ads they run through Walmart. These ads are currently across Walmart sites but their Vudu streaming TV business could be next?
The ability to link Amazon ads with sales through Amazon is their secret sauce and will be a major factor in the success of their ad business. But if Walmart can find a way to measure offline sales, the 11000 Walmart stores gives them a huge advantage, and they could partner with other media firms as an attribution service.
Global Streaming
The streaming market is very US centric with the Hollywood based business dominating. But with Covid this may be changing. The plans for an international Hulu service seem to have been dropped - the Warner CEO used to run Hulu and talk of his regret in not being able to go global.
Instead Disney are to focus on their HotStar brand as the global play - with the advantage they get to keep all revenue rather than share with Comcast, the other Hulu owner (at least for the next few years)
As ViacomCBS reported good Q2 figures they also talked up their plans for a rebranded super service that would be global as well as US focused.
But going global brings you up against a new set of competitors - especially in South East Asia where Tencent and Iqiyi have ambitions - with Iqiyi poaching Netflix execs.
But if the US and China want to own global storytelling, Netflix has a lead with truly international programming and this profile of their VP of local-language originals is great insight.
US Growth
More granular detail on subscriber growth can be found at Antenna
In an early sign of concern over churn Hulu have introduced a discounted annual fee for users of its ad supported option - just $60 - a 16% discount on paying monthly. The ad free service is $12 a month with no annual option.
In a good interview, the CEO of Warner Media talks up the chances for HBOMax;
There will be more than 800 streaming services. There will be thousands. But there will be five or six, maybe a little less or more, that will account for the majority of mind share.
He also predicts Amazon will accept HBO before Christmas. That seems less likely and this piece gets into the dispute - although misses what we see as the main issue - what ads Amazon can sell on HBO.
The Q2 results for Roku were good - lots of growth in audience and revenue - aided by good ad performance - lots of new brands onto the service (+ 40%) with strong retention - 92% of $1m + advertisers stayed.
As their recent Cord Cutting survey shows there is lots of potential for Roku but the latest smartTVs eliminate the need for streaming sticks like Roku and Apple. In the Ofcom study almost a third of adults claimed to have watched YouTube on a SmartTV showing how high the installed base now is.
Still convinced they will be bought up by one of the big players. Maybe Walmart, to maximize the reach of their new attribution tool?
newTV ads
The IAB Webinar on Connected TV is good - it’s an hour long but interesting sessions from Vevo, Total Media, Trade Desk and SambaTV
More information on the Channel 4 deal with Trade Desk, including some agency comments.
Ad industry forms group to create standards for targeted ads - which will include newTV
This interview with one of the Samsung Ads team in the US highlights how fast streaming is growing  - backing up the European data SamsungAds have shared with Fix readers - click here or hit the box below to see this.
Movies & Cinema
The relationship between the studios and the cinemas seems to be settling down a little. In their Q2 investor call, Jeff Shell of NBC talked about Windowing;
And on the 17 days, that is -- 17 days is -- means the Monday after the third weekend is when movies will be available on PVOD at a minimum. It's important to remember that, that's a minimum. So I fully anticipate some movies will stay in theaters exclusively a lot longer than 17 days if we're having a good theatrical run. And some movies, for example, King of Staten Island with Judd Apatow is a perfect example of the kind of movie that can thrive in this kind of model because it would do well theatrically. But for most people, watching it at home is another option, and that would be a movie that 17 days, probably a normal time, would be the right period of time. So 17 days is just the minimum, and we can toggle that based on the type of movie.
This week we saw Disney announce a Chinese theatrical release for Mulan (whilst everywhere else gets it on pay per view in September) and Christopher Nolans’ Tenet gets a UK cinema release on August 31. That feels very brave. 
Wired gives good background on both these films and the bigger picture. This new flexibility is probably for the best for both sides.
Are the good times over? WarnerMedia layoffs expected to hit Warner Bros., HBO
As TikTok is a Content graph not a social one, having an Amazon TV app makes good sense. But does that mean Amazon will have some TikTok inventory to sell?
Martin Sorrels’ MediaMonks has signed a partnership with talent agency CAA to get access to talent and help drive new opportunities Ones that offer all-new possibilities for viewers,” “Think interactive content, new ways of storytelling and short originals.”
The prize is to reimagine branded content and emulate the BMW epic The Hire
The FT on deep fakes
When we ran a Media Kitchen event around newtv in New York in 2018 one of the most interesting speakers was from Tegna Premion talking about their local OTT service. This is a good update on their progress.
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