Diamond Anniversary:
10 Years at Whitecap



Let us for a moment consider 2005. A fine year by all accounts……


Price of Gasoline 90 cents a liter, Youtube was a baby,  there were no smartphones, no facebook, no instagram, no hashtags, no Gopro. Ski widths were considered fat at 100mm and skinny at 80mm. There was no such thing as Rocker, other than rock and rap, from my favorite bad at the time, Limp Bizkit. Heli skiing was still cool and ski touring was still considered as the realm of knicker wearing tele skiers, whose other wardrobe of choice was wearing shorts over long johns, accessorized by gaiters. Few knew what  “tech” bindings were, Heli- Assist was not a buzz word, and splitboarding was still barely functional.


2005 was the birth of Whitecap.  Oh, we had run commercial trips since the lodge was built in 1972, but this was the first season we ran (or attempted) to run back to back trips the entire winter. Both Ron and I committed to a full season. We had no idea if it would work, no idea if we could create anything of substance, but we knew it was potentially exceptional.


Everyone slept in the lodge, together, upstairs.

We dried everything over the stove. Even your nasty boot liners.

There was no Sauna.

The shower was this crazy Rube Goldberg contraption that Ron had engineered out of an oxygen bottle, a compressor, a meat thermometer, and a heat coil in the stove.
It took 3 people to operate it.
People either froze or were scalded in your allotted 30 seconds.


We had no internet at the lodge, we used a single side band radio
The outhouses were considered "composting"
But, we still shredded,


While the lodge and facilities have changed extensively, the terrain and snow have not. Neither has our goal of getting you into the best terrain and conditions possible. We are still striving to keep your experience as real and genuine as it was in 1972 or whenever your first visit was.

Through all of these visits, all of your trips, through all of you, the culture of Whitecap was created. Tumultuously evolving into a rambunctious and exuberant place for people to gather and share their enthusiasm for life, for food, for music, for community, and for the mountains. And it will remain as such.

So here is to you

Thank you for sharing in all the moments, the face shots, the blue skies, the crazy storms, the crazy parties, the challenges of winter weather and the inevitable rewards.

Thank you for your patience, and your friendships

Because Whitecap is greater than just one place or one person.

It is a community.  

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