Wyvern's Fate

The exciting fourth book in the amazing Twin Soul Series from McCaffrey-Winner.

Krea Zebala made a choice to save a life.  She died and became the winter wyvern, clad in white, her heart beating with the strength of two souls.

Her twin soul, Wymarc, is a child of the god Ophidian.  When Krea asks Ophidian about her father, he says: “If you survive the judgement, I shall do as you say, Krea Zebala, child of Rabel.”

Judgement? What judgement?

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Winter Wyvern

"Krea was bored, and when she was bored, bad things always followed."

So begins the first story in a gaslamp fantasy world including dragons, wyverns, airships, mechanical men, and magic.

Follow Krea on her journey to a meeting with a dying wyvern, an impossible choice, and a thrilling result.


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Cloud Conqueror

Captain Ford was given an opportunity he couldn't refuse: the first airship ever to conquer the clouds.  Designed to slay dragons, wyverns, and all other flying beasts. Built to bring terror from the skies to all of the King's enemies.

They succeed beyond their wildest dreams — they kill a wyvern on their maiden voyage.


There's just one problem — they can't find the body.


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Award-winning national bestselling authors Brittany and Brianna Winner, The Winner Twins, combine their unique talents with New York Times bestselling author Todd McCaffrey to create a new ground-breaking gaslamp fantasy universe, The Twin Soul Series, writing as McCaffrey-Winner.

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