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Welcome to the last month of the year!
It's been an exciting, eventful year.

This year, The Winner Twins — Brittany and Brianna — and I teamed up to form McCaffrey-Winner.  We've produced three books:
  • Write Path: Worldbuilding
  • Winter Wyvern
  • Cloud Conqueror

I've released a new version of The Jupiter Game and, just this month, have released Ellay which is a re-edited and re-titled version of City of Angels.

We expect next year to be even more awesome and we look forward to sharing our books — solo and collab — with you!


Cloud Conqueror

Captain Ford was given an opportunity he couldn't refuse: the first airship ever to conquer the clouds.  Designed to slay dragons, wyverns, and all other flying beasts.  Built to bring terror from the skies to all of the King's enemies.

They succeed beyond their wildest dreams
— they kill a wyvern on their maiden voyage.

There's just one problem
— they can't find the body.

The exciting sidequel, written in parallel to their first story, Winter Wyvern, is the second in the ground-breaking gaslamp fantasy Twin Souls Series by McCaffrey-Winner.

Award-winning national bestselling authors Brittany and Brianna Winner, The Winner Twins, combine their unique talents with New York Times bestselling author Todd McCaffrey.

Get the latest in the Twin Soul Series today!


Special Holiday Offer!

From now until January 3rd, Winter Wyvern eBook will be ONLY $2.99!

Read the book that started the amazing Twin Soul Series!
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Ellay is only a day old.  She knows more than she should.  She melts in the rain.  She is the first artificial intelligence - the first AI. 

She says that a triple set of earthquakes will rock Los Angeles - and kill millions of people.  The government doesn't believe her.

The government can't control her.  So the only question is: Can Ellay save Los Angeles before the government kills her?

“With ELLAY, Todd McCaffrey steps into his own spotlight. This is the book that establishes him as having his own voice — and it’s a voice worth paying attention to.”
   — David Gerrold
Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author
“There are things besides drones to worry about. Automation of everyday systems takes on a new meaning when the systems get smart. Todd McCaffrey’s novel, ELLAY, is a gripping treatment of one way this could work.”
— Vernor Vinge
Hugo Award-winning author of A Fire Upon the Deep

“The most intriguing depiction of a maturing artificial intelligence in Science Fiction.  Scientists could learn a lot from Ellay. “
 — Robert E. Hampson
Ph.D., Neuroscientist


You can still get The Jupiter Game for the incredibly lower price of $2.99!
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Sneak Peak

Here's a preview of the cover for the next book in the Twin Souls Series!
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