I'm recovering from San Diego Comic-Con (also known as Comic-Con International).

I had a great time there but, as usual with such a large convention and a booth, we — me and my co-authors, the amazing Winner Twins — find ourselves exhausted at the end of it all.

I won't say I'm getting old or anything!  No, nope, no way, not me. I have Stan Lee as an example.

I wanted to thank everyone who managed to stop by our booth and chat with us. Writing can be a very lonely prospect and very demanding, it's nice to know that so many people appreciate the results.

I'm currently working on book 10 in the Twin Soul Series (woo-hoo!) and I'm thinking of other worlds to conquer.  One of the take-aways from Comic-Con is that a lot of people like my solo works. I made a little list of sequels to write:

1. The sequel to Ellay (formerly : City of Angels)
2. The sequel to The Jupiter Game.
3. The sequel to The Steam Walker

Also, I have a few new projects under development and I'm figuring out ways to increase my daily output of words (copying the phone book isn't a winning strategy).

I'm also planning to find time to work on making music. I just got a marvelous Native-Instruments Maschine 3 and I'm still just a pure neophyte. Many moons ago, I took some electronic music classes and decided that I liked some of the stuff I created. (If you've never heard my stuff and are interested, you can try "middem7" or vcs2_sounds for old examples of what I did.

The amazing Brianna once observed that people are creative in many areas, not simply one (writing, art, music, etc.). In fact, when I first met Brit we didn't discuss writing but art (and her encouragement came back to me when I was tempted to consider getting my MFA), so I think that Brianna's observation is insightful.

One of my self-appointed tasks in the music-making sphere is to come up with some good background sounds for audiobooks, as I've got "make audiobooks of various works" on my to-do list.

I hope you're all doing well and are having a marvelous summer.


If you're looking for a new book...

The Steam Walker is now available exclusively from

From the back cover:

The year is 1745 and Prince Charles Edward Stuart is marching to Edinburgh town intent on restoring his father, James Edward Stuart to the throne of Scotland, England, Ireland, and Wales.

In the history we know, he will take Edinburgh, win a victory at Prestonpans, and march south into England only to turn back at Derby and, ultimately, be defeated at the battle of Culloden.

But what if history was different?

What if “Bonnie Prince Charlie” had met Danni Walker, daughter of a blacksmith who had “the gift of steam and steel?”

What if it takes just one person to change history? One girl?

In a first, it's available through Kindle Unlimited.  Check it out!

I have a new short story coming out!

It's called At the Bottom of the White
and the collection is available for pre-order
(click on the image).

McCaffrey-Winner News

We have nine books now in the Twin Soul Series!
And we're hard at work on book Number 10 (Working title: "Healing Fire")
Look for it later this month!


I think a website is never done... and we've got more than four!

For me, my website is the usual

We use for our collaborations, of which (currently) is our only one.

The Winner Twins, my awesome co-authors, can be found at TheWinnerTwins.Com.

You can find my sister, Gigi, at

We're keeping Mum's old website up and you can find that at

And, of course, we've got the old Pern Home still running.
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