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So now I am officially Todd Johnson McCaffrey.

Does this surprise you?

I was born Todd Johnson (no middle initial).

I met a neat lady and decided to get married (didn't last) but she did not want to become "Jenna Joihnson" (pronounce that in a Swedish accent with the "j''s being "y"'s — "Yenna Yohnsen" — and you get her point).

I was cool with that and decided that we could come up with our own name to symbolize our new life together.  (I was proposing "Ryder" - pun intended).
Scott MacMillan, however, on behalf of zillions of future genealogists begged me (literally on bended knee) to choose a name that was in my lineage.

So, naturally, McCaffrey was the obvious choice.

I got my senior surviving Uncle McCaffrey's permission.

But I didn't really want to go through the whole court thing just to change a name and discovered (at least back then) that you could change your name by usage.  So I changed all the important things (driver's license, credit cards, social security card, etc.) and away we went.

We got married, kidlet came along and we were all McCaffreys.

And then.....
... I moved to Las Vegas.

I love Los Vegas. I'm renting a nice (large) house for about what I paid for a small apartment way the heck out in Riverside County.

... they want people to use Real ID for their licenses.

Which meant I either had to prove that I was Todd Johnson (from my passport) and living in Las Vegas or I had to bite the bullet and get a legal name change.

And so I did.

I am now, legally, Todd Johnson McCaffrey.

Which, oddly enough, is really making a long story short.

What am I reading?

I read so much that slowing down enough to write down all the titles is difficult which is why I'm generally not very forthcoming about my reads.

I read a lot.

Currently I'm reading:
  • The Future of Capitalism by Paul Collier
    • This was recommended by Bill Gates and is really interesting in light of today's politics.
  • Ring of Steel by Alexander Watson
    • This is about Germany and Austria-Hungary during WWI (aka The Great Crisis). I  was looking for understanding into how the German soldiers could feel that they'd been betrayed by their countrymen ("stabbed in the back") when, in fact, the German High Command had simply squandered all available manpower and ammunition.
  • The Gathering Storm by Winston Churchill
    • I'm re-reading this. There are very few books written by the statesmen who were firsthand responsible for winning a world war.  And Churchill really knows how to build a great sentence (paragraph, chapter, book, series).

I just finished re-reading Storm Cursed by Patricia Briggs .I love her Mercedes Thompson series. Her secondary characters are just marvelous and all her stuff is a joy to read.

Of course I continuously return to Lois McMaster Bujold's marvelous Vorkosigan Saga. [The link takes you to Shards of Honor which is the first in the series (not chronologically)].  I have repeatedly returned to Captain Vorpatril's Alliance which is a real treasure.

I am unpacking and just recenlty uncovered Lewis Shiner's tour de force Glimpses which is simply an amazing journey through the heart of rock and roll. Well-written and heart-breaking at the same time.

I've also recently read several publishing-related books:

What are you going to read next?

Well, I'm probably going to go back through my copy of:

Decision in Philadelphia: The Constitutional Convention of 1787

written by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Christopher Collier.

"The best popular history of the Constitutional Convention available." — Library Journal

And, of course, any of the zillion other books that come across my path and look interesting.
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