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Dream Another Day



dance like no one is watching

It's all happening, all right now.

- 'dance like no one is watching' is heading to Calgary, partnering with Trip the Light Dance Company and Springboard Dance. We'll be animating containR with a group of professional and recreational dancers.

- I'm doing my Ensemble Thinking teaching certification at Dance Ranch Marfa next month in Texas. This is the improvisation and composition system that 'dance like no one is watching' is based on and forms the basis for the majority of my work in the last dozen years.

- In August I'm heading to Mexico to do a few great things:

SideShow, a new 10 minute solo is invited to be a part of the Mature Solo Dance Prize stream at an international dance festival in Mexico City. I am thrilled and I also think it should be called Dance Masters!

In Léon, I'll be teaching an improv workshop that will lead to dancing on the streets with 'dance like no one is watching', working on the dance chorus of Dream Another Day in a creative process with dancers and performing.

- SideShow goes to Finland.

- Léxico gets some love in creation residencies in Budapest and Barcelona.

This has all just been confirmed and it's very exciting. If you'd like to get involved and help make it happen, here's what we need: 

- Aeroplan points (or any that are compatible)
- Donations to 'dance like no one is watching' through Springboard for a charitable receipt
- Contributions or additional support for Dream Another Day

Please REPLY if you'd like to help.


photos by Tristán Pérez-Martín; Meagan O'Shea/SideShow; Marie Piere Gilbert/dance like no one is watching;
Reinaldo Ribiero, Daniel Rosado, Lior Lazarof/Léxico; Meagan O'Shea/Dream Another Day


Emotional Landscapes

Last month I had the immense pleasure of working with truly mature bodies. It was a real privilege to be in the studio as outside eye and rehearsal director for three women whose bodies have so much more experience of life than mine and the young dancer bodies that I spend much time watching in choreography.

That amazing Velveteen Rabbit quote comes to mind "Real isn't how you are made. It's a thing that happens to you."  In perfect contrast, I had put that quote in a short dance piece I'd made for teenagers a few weeks earlier. 

I was working at Antler Ridge Studio on Salt Spring Island with dancer Robbyn Scott and visual artists Stephanie Denz and Rosalie Matchett on a trio about friendship and struggle with wrestling as their initial inspiration. What a treat!

Upcoming and Ongoing  

Dream Another Day ~ reaching into the future,
a retrospect of the mess we’re in now


Dream Another Day ~ reaching into the future, a retrospect of the mess we’re in now, had a workshop production at UNO Festival in Victoria last month. I worked with a chorus of dancers, which is something I’ve been interested in for a while and discovered how much I love this both artistically and practically. The workshop production was enthusiastically received. The feedback was fantastic and revealed what needs to be further developed.

The big questions I’m exploring are: 

- What is the Power that is not Parkour, or what ageing does to the body; 

- Breaking Code Breaking Secret Codes - the moment we are in now with #MeToo; 

- What We Want, female desire and pleasure.

- How can trauma be processed and transformed physically. PTSD is now called PTSI - Post Traumatic Stress INJURY. Isn’t this great? An injury is something that you can recover from, that can heal with proper care and rehabilitation. The body absorbs and stores trauma as energy and it needs to be released.  

These are the things I’m thinking about and translating into performance activity.

Artistically, and philosophically, I am also looking at Futuring these ideas. If I take what I find through the physical translation of these questions, and apply the concepts of Futuring to them: namely to put them in a dance simulator to see what evolves. And can those physical conclusions be seen as a metaphor, and translated back into an applicable idea in the real world?


I am currently meeting with youth facilitators, consent educators and sexual assault response and prevention consultants who are sharing information and providing expertise. As well as being sounding boards and a great resource for creating the show, they will help shape the workshop that will travel with the show. There'll be a creative movement workshop that builds physical confidence and embodied power for young women wherever the show is performed.


. moving . social . imagination . 

Thanks for reading, see you on the dance floor!


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