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Hyper Local Super Now

The Love Project is showcasing at BC ArtStarts in Vancouver. Stand Up Dance cast includes Veronique Emmett, Allison Brooks, Alyssa Favero, Andrew Haydock and Michael Mao. I am always so grateful for the opportunity to work with this piece again, and it is amazing to me that there is always room to tweak and improve the work. If all goes well, from this showcase, The Love Project gets booked to tour to high schools throughout BC in the autumn.
Recently, I performed in a trailer called Boombox in Vancouver. Boombox is very cool. It is a reflection on the inaffordability of space in Vancouver. It is a shipping container on a truck bed. It's lined in plywood. Its heated by propane heater and lit by gas powered generator. I was collaborating on my friend Emmalena Fredrickson's creative musings about Tinder and the current dating/mating rituals available here and now. I danced the bachata with the wonderful Blake Worthey while waxing philosophical and mixing metaphors about creating good art and finding love.

I performed part of Dream Another Day, adding our present location (a shipping container) to the story of the artist stranded on a shipping vessel in her container residency.




Emotional Landscapes

I don’t know how this happened, I was struggling to write this newsletter in January and thought, I’ll just wait for something to happen and then write about that and send it out. Now February is almost over and lots is happening!
In three weeks I saw 22 live performances in and around PuSh, PuShOff and Dance Days, read 3 novels, watched several seasons of two different series, re-watched all the Indiana Jones movies (from my adult female perspective) and saw The Shape of Water at the cinema, and then sought out Pan’s Labyrinth. It was intense and while I knew I needed some input, I didn't realize that I’d drink it in, hungry and breathless for the nourishment of it all.

I had the pleasure of seeing work in two other new(ish) spaces, Left of Main and The Russian Hall. It is an exciting time in Vancouver.

One of the art experiences was a PuSh show called Lookout, at the Vancouver Lookout gazing down at the shipyard with cranes and containers below. It is mind blowing. The performance is an audio recording of a 9 year old who talks about what they imagine they’ll see in 30 and then 60 years from this spot. In between the segments, that child appears beside you to ask you questions about your life. The best question is “Will you be alive in 60 years?” Great question. Let's pretend we can have some say in the matter. Do I want to be?  



Upcoming and Ongoing

Léxico - understanding in the unknown

8 artists from different countries creating dance together in languages we don't understand. We'll begin with a residency at Faber in the heart of Catalonia in Spain, in March. We'll spend 10 days together. We'll figure out how to work together, what the driving force of the research and art making is and create some exciting tasters to share with the world. 

As part of that residency videographer and photographer Tristán Pérez-Martín and I will be leading a dance-video workshop for local teenagers.

Last year I had the opportunity to work with Cristina Fernandez who is doing her PhD on the relationship between poetry and dance, or words and movement.
Check out the video

Dream Another Day

Reaching into the future ~ a retrospective of the mess we're in now.

Gets a workshop production at UNO Festival in Victoria BC in May.

Sharing Practice

In the spring I’ll be leading a DIY Interdisciplinary Solo Making workshop on Salt Spring Island.

In June we’ll meet up in Newfoundland again to Improvising Together. Hopefully the whales will dance for us again too.

Interested in either of these workshops?
Drop us a line and we’ll send you the details.


Irvin Chow, Andrea Spaziani, Andrew Hartely, Jane Alison McKinney, Robyn Breen; photo by Alex Williams



We can't do this without you.
Last year when Stand Up Dance needed to raise money to get us to Newfoundland for dance like no one is watching ~ grassroots remix, you contributed $4,000 in one month to help us get there. Here’s a video of some of what we did.
Stand Up Dance also has donors who pledge a monthly amount. Some people pledge $5/month, some $50. We appreciate it all.
Currently the projects that need some love are:
  • The Love Project, showcasing for BC ArtStarts involves dancers and studio rental and promotional material. Once the show is booked for touring then there's a real economy at play. In the meantime, showcasing is on us. If you'd like to support quality art for youth audiences that addresses issues of our times - healthy relationships, respect for self and others, consent and sexuality, then this is the project to get behind. I like to think that this is Dance for a Better World.
  • Dream Another Day, we are awaiting funding results, but until then there's studio rental and time for creation. With this piece I am really trying to reach into the future to figure out some of the mess we're all in now. It has everything: tweeting, shipping containers, parkour, a kegel choir, dance, poetry, giant jenga.
  • New Website, we are  designing and building a new website. We are very excited about this. If this floats your boat, maybe you’d like to contribute to this.

There are 2 ways to help out. You can pledge a monthly amount through Patreon. All amounts are appreciated. Or you can simply click on the PayPal link at StandUpDance

Stand Up Dance: moving . social . imagination

photo: Tristán Pérez-Martín

2018: Stand Up Dance for a better world!

Thanks for reading, see you on the dance floor!


P.S. one of our postcards for the future || variation 2 was screened at a dance festival in Budapest last month!
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