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Hyper Local Super Now

I just watched the TED talk about being multi-local. I like to think of myself as translocal. Taiye Selasi proposes that there are three 'R's which are the test for where and how you are local: Rituals - where you have them, Relationships - with who, where, and finally Restrictions - why you can't live in some of those places, or be there all the time.

As much as there is sometimes pressure to be in one place, and keeping up with what's on the go in many places is sometimes challenging, the experience of being multi-local enriches me and my work. Being a part of conversations going on in different places at the same time complexifies and expands one's perspective. 

I've just been in Garrotxa - the volcanic region in Catalonia, just south of the Pyrenees for a 10 day residency with dance artists and collaborators from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Hungary, Germany, Spain. We were beginning the creative exploration for Léxico - creating dance together in languages we don't understand. There is a malleability that is necessary for this kind of collaboration. We are trying to figure out how best to work.  What do we do when we disagree? How can we expand our individual perspectives to include each other's while staying true to our own experiences?

There's confusion that comes from trying to work in three languages simultaneously as the brain crosses language lines. In Ottawa, where I'm from, French and English mix and mingle in the same conversation, but throw Spanish into that mix...I mean I can feel myself getting smarter...and more confused.

It reminds me of the 4 stages of knowing:

1- you don't know what you don't know
2 - you know what you don't know
3- you don't know what you know
4 - you know what you know

In English I know what I know. In French I fluctuate between knowing what I don't know, and not knowing what I know. In Spanish I mostly don't know what I don't know, but am already playing with what I know, so I know when I come up against something that I don't have the know-how for (putting words in a order outside of the present tense and having them mean what I want them to, for example).

Communicating in second and third languages and the difference between communicating face to face with all the senses at play, not the least of which is movement, and texting; ironically emoji's help.

One of my favourite things are language ticks. In our own languages and in others'. The expressions that we catch and use.:

c'est ça
mmm hmm hmm
is like this
is good
right, right right

The way different languages spell laughter:

And then, the translation into movement. Do we really move differently because of how we think? And do we think differently because of the language, that is informed by culture, in which we think? Or have we all been trained so 'well' by our respective modern and contemporary dance lands that we are totally non-distinctively distinct, unique and original?!?

Reinaldo Ribeiro, Lior Lazarof, Meagan O'Shea, Daniel Rosado; photo by Tristán Pérez-Martín


Emotional Landscapes

Dream Another Day
                                            reaching into the future,
a retrospect on the mess we're in now.

I love a creative process and all the ups and downs it brings. The getting lost and losing much hope but holding on to the thread of the idea and almost being able to see what you're looking for, but not quite, and then quite suddenly, and seemingly out of nowhere, stumbling upon it. Likely you've been dancing around it for a while, or you needed to do all the other steps (as it were) to get there. And then you're somewhere juicy and rich and tantalizing and then you get lost there too.
Repeat and continue until you've made a piece.

I set a structure for the work in the autumn in the workshops in Barrie, Stratford and Texas and now I've opened it up to the creative play and discovery again. And at the end of this residency at Fringe Lab in Dublin it will be time to wrangle it into shape for UNO Festival in Victoria, Canada, in May!
Intrepid Theatre's UNO Festival
Friday May 11 at 7 pm
Saturday May 12 at 8 pm

photo: Tristán Pérez-Martín


Upcoming and Ongoing

Summer Workshops

DIY Interdisciplinary Solo Creation workshop
May 25 - 27, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

Improvising Choreography Workshop
June 1 - 3, SFU, Vancouver, Canada

More to come, stay tuned....

 photo by Tristán Pérez-Martín

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Thanks for reading, see you on the dance floor!


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photo: Tristán Pérez-Martín
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