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Great News 

Donations made to Stand Up Dance via Theatre SKAM are now tax deductible.
More about that later.
If you don’t want to wait click HERE:
Choose STAND UP DANCE to Apply Your Donation To A Specific Fund menu and write STAND UP DANCE in the message box.

Thank you so much. Your support makes our work possible.


Hyper Local Super Now

To Be Announced by Léxico Project

To Be Announced by Léxico Project

Canada Council for the Arts has just awarded Stand Up Dance a Concept to Realization grant for the premiere of To Be Announced by Léxico Project.

Thank you Canada Council for the Arts.

And Teatre Auditori Llinars has come on board as a co-producer for the project too.

Congratulations to us!

We did it.

We have just finished four weeks of work together with a short technical residency. We finished the piece. We have a beginning and a middle and an end. During the technical residency we worked on stage at the Teatre Auditori Llinars. Now we have a week off. Then we come back to together to open Sismògraf Festival and premiere To Be Announced on April 25. 

Please meet these collaborators:

Daniel Rosado


Born in Huelva (Spain), Daniel Rosado is a member of Colectivo Lamajara. This organization of artists share a concern about body language and its possibilities of expression. It is formed by emerging artists, dancers and collaborators from other artistic disciplines. Lamajara organizes its work cooperatively, promoting dialogue and consensus toward a common methodology. The main objective is to support freedom of artistic expression, assisting in the production of free and eclectic creations. Daniel speaks Spanish, Catalan and French.

Aoife Courtney 



Aoife Courtney is a theatre director, choreographer, and dramaturg from Ireland. She is a graduate of the Conservatory of Music and Drama at D.I.T., where she received a BA in Drama (Performance) and in 2016 completed an MPhil in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship between Trinity College Dublin, and Goldsmiths University of London. From 2008 – 2015 Aoife co-ran Ready Fire Aim, they made films, Look, large scale outdoor performances, Flock, Big House Festival, nightclub events, Art Party, Cafe Cairo, Electric Picnic, and commissioned new plays, Jet Lag Waltz. In September 2014 they premiered The Party a large scale, immersive and transmedia show in partnership with Fizzy Thinking. Ready Fire Aim also worked with young people in variety of contexts, directing for youth theatre, facilitating workshops and have been invited by The Office of the Ombudsman for Children to join their panel of facilitators for children and young people.

Now living in Barcelona, Aoife was a founding member of Loom, a Barcelona based arts collective, who won the Movistar Artsy grant to mount a multidisciplinary arts festival in 2018.

In parallel to her own art making, Aoife has had an ongoing interest in providing support within art communities for artists to thrive. In 2013 she founded Cultural Freelancers Ireland, a peer to peer resource sharing initiative, working across art forms. They host fortnightly breakfast meetings, where freelance arts workers meet to network, contribute, and speak on a range of curated topics. Since 2015 Aoife has sat on the board of directors for Dance Ireland, the national institution for Dance support in Ireland.

Aoife first worked with Stand Up Dance as a dramaturg for Meagan's Fight, Flight or Bond: somatic structures for unstable times creative research at Dance House in Dublin, 2014.


To Be Announced by Léxico Project 

Sismògraf Festival Opening
April 25, 21.00
Teatre Principal, Olot
Catalunia, Spain

If you find yourself nearby, please come.

We are grateful for the support from Canada Council for the Arts, Generalitat de Catalunia & Sismògraf Festival and teatre Auditori Llinarsas well as our patrons and donors. 

If you'd like to support Stand Up Dance's activities, like Léxico, please click HERE to make a tax deductible donation. 

Emotional Landscapes  

Andábamos sin buscarnos pero sabiendo que andábamos para encontrarnos.
Julio Cortázar
(We went without looking but we knew we were going to meet.)

We went – we dove in hearts first - and sometimes we couldn't see and we didn’t meet. But we kept trying. “Try, Fail, Try, Fail, Say Yes” became our working mantra. This worked beautifully until we got to the final creative process and the ego’s reared.


I began this project with the idea that we'd discover joyous, creative, mistranslations together. As we began working we decided that the value of proceeding as equal collaborators in making the work together was important to us. We are each creator/performers. Which is like a band made up of only lead singers. There are no bass players or drummers in our group. No two people have the same first language, and only two at a time can function fully in any of the languages. Contemporary dance is not an international language. It gets you in the door, but after that, all bets are off. Aesthetic and style are personal and regional. For example, I have three rules when I teach composition and improvisation: no running in circles, no centre-centre, no seaweed arms. We do all three of these things in this piece. And it's not a matter of loving it or hating it. It's a matter of how to get to where we get.

In a world dominated by radical individuality we have chosen collaboration. In the moment when that world is contracting, shutting the “other” out, we are expanding, opening our preceptors and reaching across languages, cultures, translations, histories and experiences. We bring our spirit of collaboration to the task of communicating, moving past our comfort zones to understand (in) the unknown. We say Fuck Yeah to running in circles, standing centre-centre and a whole section that we call Monsters but our composer calls Seaweed. 

My grand ambitions of doing World Work, of creating beauty and new understanding in this disorienting and unknown field failed. We tried, we failed, we tried, we failed, we said fuck yeah, and we made something. We made 75 minutes of something. And it is a kind of hell. It is a suspended and alternate reality we have created together, a Waiting for Godot-esque world that is uncomfortable and dark. I am so proud of us. We disagree daily. We cook dinner for each other every night. We are doing good work. We are selfish and kind. We stand our ground and we concede.

We went without looking and we have finally met.

It’s uncomfortable and no one said World Work means that everyone agrees, or that beauty is pretty or new understanding is clear.


Upcoming and Ongoing  

Stand Up Dance is thrilled to announce that we will be performing
‘dance like no one is watching’ at SKAMpede in Victoria BC this summer.
We are reassembling some of the cast from our Grassroots ~ Remix 2017 edition in St. John’s, Newfoundland. We will be joined by Victoria based performers and dancers and graduating dancers from School for Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg. This is the third project that we’ve collaborated on with the school and we are delighted to be continuing this relationship.
It is also our third time being presented by Theatre SKAM and it’s a charm. Theatre SKAM is accepting donations to Stand Up Dance this season. We are beyond thrilled for this partnership.
The projects Stand Up Dance engages in are not possible without additional help from donors and patrons. I’m writing an article for The Dance Current about how art/work is valued and how the structures at play affect it. In Canada there is a culture of patronage presumed by the funding bodies. Project based companies and independent artists rarely have the resources to cultivate significant patronage within the population at large. I am extremely grateful for the patronage and support Stand Up Dance receives from individual donors. You make the work possible.
Please consider supporting Stand Up Dance this season. Go to Theatre SKAM, choose STAND UP DANCE in the drop-down menu. 

Thank you so much. We can't do it without you.

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Thanks for reading, see you on the dance floor!


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