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Dear Reader,

If you are not yet aware, the DEA recently made marijuana extracts, including the non-psychoactive class of biomolecules within marijuana known as cannabinoids (CBD), schedule 1 drugs.

This means they will all now be classified alongside heroin, LSD, cocaine, and ecstasy, as possessing a high potential of abuse, no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the U.S., and lacking safety, even under medical supervision. 

This decision not only violates basic principles of health freedom (i.e. you should be able to use natural substances for your health as long as their use does not harm anyone else), but runs directly counter to a great amount of published research indicating CBD has a wide range of powerful health benefits.

What health benefits are these? And where is the evidence?  

At, we have created an
entire database dedicated to pulling together hundreds of studies on CBD health benefits and safety. We have also created a research PDF that documents 180 health benefits linked to CBD, and which we have made free to download and distribute wide and far

As a reminder,
professional members get unlimited access to a library of over 180,000 such PDFs, and power members receive 12 tokens a month which can be used to download these research documents.  

The DEA's decision clearly violates your health rights, is not evidence-based, and represents a power grab that runs diametrically opposed to the growing support in this country, among laypersons and health professionals alike, both for access, and the legal right to use, safe, effective, affordable and natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

We hope our work will help to counterbalance the DEA's latest bad decision, and continue to provide you with the tools you need to defend your health and health liberties! 

Warm regards

Sayer Ji, 
Founder of

Free Research Document
This research document collates citations from the National Library of Medicine's database MEDLINE on the health benefits and safety of CBD oil. Click to download
The GreenMedInfo Cannabinoid Database
This research platform enables you to access over 300 abstracts on the health benefits and safety of cannabinoids. Click to access
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