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In today's newsletter, we feature an article about two small but powerful studies. They apparently terrify the vaccine industry champions to such an extent that they will publish falsehoods to keep the studies out of the public eye. Dr. Anthony Mawson, author of “Pilot Comparative Study on the Health of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated 6 – 12 Year Old U.S. Children” and “Preterm birth, vaccination and neurodevelopmental disorders: A cross-sectional study of 6 – 12 year old vaccinated and unvaccinated children” has been the target of Retraction Watch, an online blog of the “Center for Scientific Integrity” which receives “generous” funding from The MacArthur Foundation to promote integrity in science.
This fake news blog, which we hope the foundation will disavow, has been used to target a 35-year career scientist and his research in order to derail publication of two papers that were peer reviewed and accepted on their merits. Retraction Watch falsely claimed that one of the studies had been retracted by another journal, when it had never been officially accepted. They compounded the falsehood by claiming the paper had been retracted a second time, when it had simply been temporarily removed pending a response from the author to the false allegation.
Celeste McGovern, a freelance journalist who has extensively covered the publication of these studies wrote to Retraction Watch asking for an explanation:
“The journal had neither formally accepted or retracted it. Clearly, there is a difference, as journals may decline to publish articles without finding fault in them but retraction is usually based upon some scientific mistake or misconduct in the science of the study that is measurable and objective and it is frequently a charge that has serious negative consequences on the careers of the scientists who published the study.Could you please direct me to the complaints about the study so that I can inform now my readers which now number in hundreds of thousands whether there is an honest mistake by the authors and where that is, or misconduct in reporting the truth of their data and what specifically that is?
If there is no such mistake or misconduct it would seem that reporting such would be itself a grave violation of the standard codes of 
scholarly conduct and ethical behaviour in professional scientific research and the pursuit of truth. Indeed, a mistake of this magnitude would be defined as scientific misconduct itself.”
We encourage you to read this excellent summary by Merinda Teller, MPH, PhD of Dr. Mawson’s efforts to bring “integrity in science” to vaccine safety science. 

Best Regards, 

Sayer Ji
Founder of GreenMedInfo

P.S. The only way that research like this will continued to be performed in the future is through independent, citizen-supported science. Today's featured study was funded by The Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI), a public charity with the mission of funding critical safety research on vaccines and common neurotoxic exposures. CMSRI funds collaborative research that benefits the lives of those affected by chronic disease disabilities. Independent, sound research funded by CMSRI is providing science-based information to families, health care professionals and policy makers. Your donation can help scientists who are trying to discover causal factors of common diseases such as autism, autoimmune diseases and Alzheimer’s. Please donate generously – 100% of donations directly fund research.
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