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Dear Merchants,

Just a reminder - the City of San Diego Storm Water Department can fine any business for letting any water run off their sidewalks and into the gutters and drains.  This rule applies, even with the marshmallow residue - in fact, especially with the marshmallow residue.  The area of your sidewalk being cleaned must be dammed off if you are spraying water or using a hose.  From there, all of the water must be reclaimed and any left over debris as well - there can be no run-off (marshmallows, cigarette butts, paper - anything). For more information on the regulations and fines read more at the City's Website:

Our regular steam cleaner has also been hired to mitigate the effects of the marshmallow residue.  Unfortunately, their machines were overcome by the marshmallows after cleaning five city blocks in the middle of last night, and they will resume the project tonight. 


Your friends at the OBMA
Denny, Claudia and Liz

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