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August 2013

Will Egypt be the next Syria?

We, along with the rest of the world, have been shocked as events have continued to unfold in Egypt this summer. Is it a military coup? Or is it a valid step taken to save a nation from ruin? Is Egypt heading down the same path to destruction that we have seen so tragically played out in the country of Syria?

What we do know is that Egypt (similar to other countries in the Arab world) is standing at a crossroads and facing a very uncertain future. Over the last few days, we have seen multiple agendas, numerous perspectives, and increasingly determined factions – everyone trying to put their view across! At the same time, the age-old proverb, an enemy of my enemy is my friend, is bringing together the strangest of bedfellows, while the Muslim Brotherhood fights desperately to preserve its dream of seeing Egypt transformed into an Islamic state.

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dating thumbnailTalking about… dating?

The subject of dating is not an obvious choice when you are trying to share the gospel with Muslims, but it is a hot topic in the Arab world. In the more conservative nations, dating is forbidden, but nevertheless goes on. Find out how by watching the English subtitled version of She looked for love on our website.

In the past three months, more than 66,000 people have watched this video. It has been shared by almost 200 people on Facebook with their friends (with an estimated 20,000 reposts) and hundreds of people have made comments, expressing their opinions and getting into discussions with our team of responders. As they have an opportunity to share their view, we also get an opportunity to share the Christian perspective. And so, simple truths are being sown into people’s lives as they see things from a different perspective to the one they’ve grown up with.

Please pray that this video, and the many others we are producing for similar purposes, would continue to change people’s perceptions and lives.

The man in ragged clothes

Rasuul* was a very important figure among his people group. About fifty years ago, he decided to take his family and leave his homeland. Whether he was headed for Mecca (on pilgrimage) or simply going away from his home is unclear, but he went on his way fasting and asking God for a revelation.

During this time of travelling and fasting, Rasuul had a vision in which he saw a dirty and beaten man with ragged clothes standing next to a woman. The woman told him, ‘Follow this man.’ Rasuul was indignant. How could he follow this man? He was unclean and not worthy of following. He didn’t understand.

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Earlier this month, we launched a new-look website, featuring articles, testimonies, prayer requests, news updates and more. A particularly exciting new addition to the site is the Explore Christianity section, which has been created for Muslim visitors. We hope it will prove a useful resource as we explain what we do, answer common questions about our faith and provide links to Bible downloads. So far, we have had visits from people in UAE, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.

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Making a difference

Would you like to make a difference in today’s Arab world? Please consider supporting the ministry efforts of Arab World Media. Information on our various offices is included below.

Thank you for your partnership.

The Arab World Media team

Thank you for this site. For many years I have wanted to get in touch with a church because I would like to become a Christian. But I am very afraid of my society, my family, of losing my job and even my life. I can’t cope with it. Please help me.

Bahir*, Egypt


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My family and I are suffering severe persecution because of our faith in Christ. Just to give one example, the people of the village throw stones and make noise outside our house all night, so that we cannot sleep.

Nasr*, Algeria

* Pseudonym has been used.

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