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A Look at Rails 3

The February meeting of Ruby Bayou is going to be focusing in on the imminent release of Rails 3, which is already available in beta form.

Rails 3 is the next major release of the popular Ruby on Rails web framework and is the product of over a year of work to merge the ideas first explored by Merb into Rails. Rails 3 marks a significant change, with much more emphasis on performance and modularity than any previous version of the framework.

Here are just a few of the new features:

  • Brand new router with an emphasis on RESTful declarations
  • New Action Mailer API modelled after Action Controller (now without the agonizing pain of sending multipart messages!)
  • New Active Record chainable query language built on top of relational algebra
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript helpers with drivers for Prototype, jQuery, and more coming (end of inline JS)
  • Explicit dependency management with Bundler

Prepare Yourself!

If you are used to Rails 2.x then Rails 3 is going to require some new learning on your part. But the effort will be well worth it. Pizza will be provided for this meeting and there will be some giveaways thanks to Engine Yard. So, if you plan to attend please take moment to mark your calendars and to RSVP!

James Thompson will present on what's coming with Rails 3 and demo starting a new project with it. Pizza will be provided along with a few giveaways. This meeting will be held at Gumbo Labs starting at 7:00pm. For help finding the space call James at (502) 619-0353.

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