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Plant Connection, Inc. is the exclusive global grower and US distributor for G-O2™ Living Wall systems. With full horticultural support and innovative design, G-O2™ products represent the best quality available in the marketplace today.
Plant Connection, Inc. manufactures, designs, and grows G-O2™ Living Walls, which are specially engineered for plant performance and sustainability. As a modular system, it mounts easily to different surfaces, allowing for multiple applications. Its own built-in irrigation and monitoring system ensures the viability of your custom plant selection.

About G-OProducts
As a full service green wall company with a thorough horticultural background, we will consult with you on plant choices for your specific location. Our G-O2™ Living Walls are successful because:
  • All plant material is specially customized for each project.
  • All products come pre-grown by Professional Nursery Growers (under our supervision), which allows you to have a mature and healthy product ready for installation.
  • We offer complete horticultural support from design concept to installation and maintenance with our trained horticultural professionals and design specialists.

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NYC's Largest Living Wall 
Alleviates Sick Building Syndrome

Over the last few years, we have seen quite a growth in “green thinking” as communities are understanding more the importance of sustainable building design solutions. Living architecture, which comprises green walls, green roofs, and green facades, has become a key element for many new buildings or retrofitting projects. 

G-O2™ | BNY Mellon, NYC

Living walls have gained a lot of popularity, not only for their aesthetical beauty and marketing attraction, but more so for the environmental impacts they have. In urban areas, where green space is limited, taking advantage of vertical spaces is a solid way to bring nature into a space that might otherwise not have the means. This is especially important for indoor spaces where there lacks adequate fresh-air intake/air filtration, and can be attributed to sick building syndrome. 

G-O2™ | BNY Mellon, NYC

Sick building syndrome (SBS) occurs when the occupants of a building experience acute health effects that seem to be linked to time spent in a building. Since most Americans spend 80-90% of their time indoors, they are highly influenced by the effectiveness of interior air circulation systems. Additionally, when carcinogenic chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from building construction, carpeting/upholstery, copy machines, and cleaning agents remain trapped in indoor environments, it adversely affects building occupants’ health. Symptoms can include:
  • headache 
  • eye, nose, or throat irritation
  • dry cough 
  • dry or itchy skin 
  • dizziness and nausea
  • difficulty concentrating
  • fatigue
  • sensitivity to odors

G-O2™ | BNY Mellon, NYC

The solution: Green Walls! Studies have shown that buildings strategically placing and promoting access to vegetation have been documented as having a great positive human health impact than those without. Contact with vegetation can be instrumental in:

  • Alleviating daily stress 
  • Decreasing aliments, headaches, number of sick days taken by employees
  • Increasing job satisfaction and productivity
Whether for new construction or a retrofitted building, installing HVAC air intake vents on walls that have been greened with vegetation will draw air in that has already been filtered, thereby creating cleaner air free of airborne pollutants for occupants. 

G-O2™ | BNY Mellon, NYC

One block from the Freedom Tower in downtown Manhattan, Plant Connection installed a 32 feet tall by 60 feet wide interior G-O2™ green wall for BNY Mellon - NYC's largest to date! Plant Connection's green wall designer, Sabrina Buttitta, designed an “organic tapestry” of plants to balance the magnitude of the 33-story corporate atrium. The 1,920 SF living wall is home to 11,673 plants and contains a 12-zone built-in irrigation system with a remote monitoring system to optimize the health of the living wall plants. Plant Connection's president, Anthony Caggiano, and vice president, Melissa Daniels, work closely consulting the maintenance company, and at any minute, know the status of the wall's health.

G-O2™ | BNY Mellon, NYC

Patrons working in the offices above now have a stunning view of this magnificent green living space. Personnel working on the ground level or sitting in the lounge area right near the wall, not only have an enhanced working space, but also a healthier working environment. 

G-O2™ | BNY Mellon, NYC

The reintroduction of greenery into the urban landscape will improve interior and exterior indoor air quality, which can lead to a reduction of the Urban Heat Island effect. Control of these negative urban phenomena will reduce the numbers of associated aliments and illnesses, and help restore our connection to nature. The living wall at BNY Mellon adds to the list of metropolitan areas with living walls that are greatly impacting the urban landscape.

Upcoming Events

See Plant Connection and G-O2 Products at
ASLA Annual Meeting & Expo
November 15-18, 2013
Living walls are the newest trend in Living Architecture but are they sustainable? Having the right maintenance plan in effect from the inception of design is the key to a successful living wall. Learn from three experts in the field about Best Management Practices and the latest tools and technology to create a successful maintenance plan and make your living wall project a success.

Plant Connection's Melissa Daniels, along with an esteemed panel of living wall professionals, will discuss the importance of maintenance in order to ensure the success of any living wall project.

Design Services

Our team of formally trained landscape designers and horticulturists can assist you in creatively greening interior and exterior spaces and cultivating living artwork.

From site evaluation, through design concept and plant selection, our specialists will consult with you and develop a detailed plan that meets your project requirements.

We can provide concept drawings, custom CAD panel layouts, and final planting plans and will support you throughout the entire design process.

Our Commitment to the Industry

Informational Seminars on Request 

Plant Connection, Inc. also provides informational seminars that illustrate the benefits of green walls and green roofs to Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers, Designers, Homeowners, Contractors, and Developers.

101 course

If you are interested in learning more about implementing our products on your projects, please contact Melissa Daniels at for more information.


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