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Plant Connection, Inc. is the exclusive global grower and US distributor for G-O2™ Living Wall systems. With full horticultural support and innovative design, G-O2™ products represent the best quality available in the marketplace today.
Plant Connection, Inc. manufactures, designs, and grows G-O2™ Living Walls, which are specially engineered for plant performance and sustainability. As a modular system, it mounts easily to different surfaces, allowing for multiple applications. Its own built-in irrigation and monitoring system ensures the viability of your custom plant selection.

About G-OProducts
As a full service green wall company with a thorough horticultural background, we will consult with you on plant choices for your specific location. Our G-O2™ Living Walls are successful because:
  • All plant material is specially customized for each project.
  • All products come pre-grown by Professional Nursery Growers (under our supervision), which allows you to have a mature and healthy product ready for installation.
  • We offer complete horticultural support from design concept to installation and maintenance with our trained horticultural professionals and design specialists.

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Boston's "Green Monster"

Located across Fenway Park, breathes a 275 square foot green monster, but this one actually helps clean the air! 

Named after the classic Neil Diamond song (which plays during the 8th inning of every Red Sock’s game), Sweet Caroline’s Restaurant & Bar offers a warm and rustic atmosphere, complimented by contemporary notes with eye-pleasing architectural details. This was achieved by using 200-year-old reclaimed beams from a small historic barn that was disassembled and incorporated into the woodwork around the lounge areas.

Sweet Caroline's
Photography by White Loft Studio 2012

Cabinet grade fir and stone veneer also appeared throughout the space, rounding out a pallet that accentuated the eclectic mosaic of foliage that hangs on the largest exposed wall of the restaurant. 

Bayberry Nurseries, who also designed and installed an exterior G-O2™ green wall at Battery Park Bar & Lounge in Boston’s Financial District, used their experience and talents of exterior landscape development and successfully married the use of stone, wood, and plants into this extensive interior space.

Sweet Caroline's
Photography by White Loft Studio 2012

Similarly to Battery Park, where Bayberry created an outdoor lounge with rich mahogany woodwork and lush vertical gardens, Sweet Caroline’s G-O2™ vertical garden was to be an architectural centerpiece for the overall design.

A significant state of the art audio and video system were included in Sweet Caroline’s design, making it a destination throughout the year. Since the G-O2™ living wall measures 9 feet tall by 30.5 feet wide and covers the largest single wall in the restaurant, a complex soffit was designed to house three 100” projection screens that would retract remotely in front of the garden wall.

Sweet Caroline's
Photography by White Loft Studio 2012

As an added bonus, the significance of the vertical garden installation also provided excellent acoustical qualities to a space that houses close to 20 speakers. Lighting for the wall and restaurant along with the irrigation distribution/collection were also elaborate multidimensional systems.

Sweet Caroline's
Photography by White Loft Studio 2012

This project became the first complete interior build of Bayberry Nurseries, and they were excited to have the opportunity to design and install another significant G-O2™ vertical garden in the city of Boston. The restaurant has received great reviews and with frequent mention of the décor and most specifically the vertical garden, which is even being called "The Green Monster".

To learn more about Bayberry Nurseries, go to Please view additional photos of Sweet Caroline's on our Facebook page.



G-O2™ Living Wall Design Services 
Our team of formally trained landscape designers and horticulturists can assist you in creatively greening interior and exterior spaces and cultivating living artwork.

From site evaluation, through design concept and plant selection, our specialists will consult with you and develop a detailed plan that meets your project requirements.

We can provide concept drawings, custom CAD panel layouts, and final planting plans and will support you throughout the entire design process.


Our Commitment to the Industry

Informational Seminars on Request 

Plant Connection, Inc. also provides informational seminars that illustrate the benefits of green walls and green roofs to Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers, Designers, Homeowners, Contractors, and Developers.

101 course

If you are interested in learning more about implementing our products on your projects, please contact Melissa Daniels at for more information.


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Stay tuned for our next e-newsletter's feature of G-O2™ Living Walls installed for a governmental project!

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