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Yahoo! is committed to being an environmentally responsible company, and the addition of a G-O2® Living Wall is just one leafy example. With the Internet accessible by over 40% of the world's population, such a demand for Internet services requires expanded infrastructure and installation of more computing and data storage capability with low power consumption.

Y!CC servers sit in pre-constructed steel buildings, designed to keep servers cool rather than maximize the number of servers in the space

Yahoo!'s newest data center, a 155,000 square foot facility in Lockport, NY, uses 40% less energy and 95% less water than conventional facilities. The air-cooled data center, which can accommodate 50,000 servers, is based on an unlikely design: the chicken coop.

Y!CC Facility

Known as the Yahoo! Commuting Coop (Y!CC), the building is long and narrow to provide good air circulation and is shaped similar to a chicken coop. The 120’ x 60’ building design maximizes the flow of outside air for cooling versus conventional power-guzzling mechanical chillers. When the weather gets too hot, the data center uses an evaporative cooling system.

Y!CC Facility Diagram

Air enters the building through massive side-wall louvers and gets pulled through the servers. Warm exhaust air rises into the narrow cupola at the top and exits through the louvers located there. The site was chosen with sustainability in mind, from the cool climate that allows outside-air cooling almost year-round from the nearby Niagara Falls. 

Yahoo! incorporated a G-O2® Living Wall into their utility space because they were interested in increasing their “green” presence. They felt the gorgeous new building for their call center in upstate New York would be a perfect spot. Not only would the living wall provide them the “green” exposure they desired, they also felt it would greatly contribute to the aesthetic beauty of their new Y!CC Facility.

Spanning 62 feet, the living wall is segmented into 7 sections. Plant Connection provided Yahoo! with multiple design options to choose from for greening their acoustic wall. Yahoo! selected a curvilinear design that flows through the panel groupings to help create one continuous living wall, while providing contrast to the existing façade.

Nine varieties of sedum were planted to create the organic, free flowing design, supplying four seasons of interest, color, and texture.

Some key facts to note about the Y!CC Design:

  • Y!CC Facility gets access to renewable hydroelectric power. 
  • Inspiration for facility came from architecture in Buffalo, where industrial facilities were designed to make most of region's cool air.
  • Y!CC design yielded 2% annualized cost to cool with evaporative cooling.
  • 36 million gallons of water were saved per year with Y!CC compared to conventional water-cooled chiller plant designs.
  • Y!CC design created 40% cut in amount of electricity used compared to industry-typical data centers.
  • Department of Energy in 2010 recognized Y!CC as being best-in-class, energy-efficient design by awarding Yahoo! 9.9 million dollar sustainability grant. 
  • In 2011, US Patent Office awarded Yahoo! patent for "Integrated Building Based Air Handler Server Farm Cooling System."

Similarly, companies like Google, Apple, and other cloud computing providers are all trying to use renewable energy to power their data centers, helping to contribute to reductions in global warming, cut energy costs and comply with regulations. But nothing more boldly says you are being environmentally conscious than a green wall greeting visitors and employees!

For additional photos, see our Project Gallery

Cities Alive Conference

When: November 1-4, 2016
Where: Washington, DC

Join green roof and wall industry leaders this November in North America’s foremost city for green roof policy and implementation – Washington, DC – for the 14th Annual CitiesAlive Conference.

This year’s conference will highlight advancements in living architecture design, research and policy, with a focus on stormwater management. Explore the science behind green roof and wall performance and learn how these technologies are enabling designers to meet municipal stormwater management requirements. 

PCI's Melissa Daniels will be one of the panelists for the lecture Green Walls & Water Management: Stormwater Management & Potable Water Use Best Practices on November 2. 

Water scarcity in many parts of the country, and proposed changes to LEED credits are among the factors that threaten the long-term success of green walls. Experts in the industry weigh in how to overcome these barriers by designing and maintaining for maximum resilience, using green walls for stormwater management, using non-traditional sources of water, minimizing potable water use, ensuring that the benefits of green walls are clearly articulated, and more.

Melissa will also be teaching the Green Walls 101: Systems Overview & Design course on November 1. 

This course discusses design and construction best practices for green facades and living walls, including maintenance and irrigation requirements. Discover the latest research findings on the environmental benefits of these technologies. 

For more information and to register, please visit

Vines for Green Façades 

Using established, pre-grown plants 4’-6’ tall, you can be assured your green façade will take off and reach new heights faster! Grown by experienced nursery producers, get a head start with larger, healthier plants for your green wall project.

Plant selections offered for wall mounted, horizontal and columns, and freestanding applications.

Click on the image below for the Vines Inventory. Please contact us for more information.
About Us
Plant Connection, Inc. is the exclusive global grower and US distributor for the patented G-O2® Living Wall System. With full horticultural support and innovative design, G-O2® products represent the best quality available in the marketplace today.

PCI manufactures, designs, and grows G-O2® Living Walls, which are specially engineered for plant performance and sustainability.

As a modular system, it mounts easily to different surfaces, allowing for multiple applications. Its own built-in pressure compensating irrigation system and state-of-the-art remote monitoring system ensures the viability of your custom plant selection.
About G-O2® Products
As a full service green wall company with a thorough horticultural background, we will consult with you on plant choices for your specific location. Our patented G-O2® Living Walls are successful because:
  • All plant material is specially customized for each project.
  • All products come pre-grown by PCI, which allows you to have a mature and healthy product ready for installation.
  • Complete horticultural support offered from design concept to installation and maintenance with trained horticultural professionals and design specialists.
Design Services
Our team of formally trained landscape designers and horticulturists can assist you in creatively greening interior and exterior spaces and cultivating living artwork.

From site evaluation, through design concept and plant selection, our specialists will consult with you and develop a detailed plan that meets your project requirements.

We can provide concept drawings, custom CAD panel layouts, and final planting plans and will support you throughout the entire design process.

Informational Seminars

PCI also provides informational seminars that illustrate the benefits of green walls and green roofs to Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers, Designers, Homeowners, Contractors, and Developers.

If you are interested in learning more about implementing our products on your projects, please contact Melissa Daniels for more information.

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