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NYU School of Law Goes Green

22 Washington Square North is now the home of one of the University’s greenest buildings, which received LEED Silver Certification from the US Green Building Council. A 5-story green wall of cascading plants provides the Law School with an innovative office environment.

Upward view of the green walls and maintenance catwalk

Working on the project was unique because of the green wall’s location, size, and purpose. Set within a very small outdoor courtyard of less than 15 feet between the buildings, the green wall was designed to be enjoyed from inside. Instead of looking out to a blank brick wall, the offices on each of the floors now have a growing, green view mirroring their window. A glass elevator within the space offers an even greater vertical view, capturing each wall at different levels.

Beginning in January of this year, the green wall panels were pre-grown in an optimum growing environment at Plant Connection, Inc.’s greenhouses in order to achieve a mature product ready for installation this summer. 

Green wall panels growing in the greenhouse 

When designing the green wall, we chose plants that would do well in a shady environment that received filtered sunlight. The plant palette consists of varying texture, seasonal color, and winter interest by incorporating ornamental grasses, evergreen groundcovers, ferns, and flowering perennials.

Upward view of the green walls and maintenance catwalk

While the green wall has been designed with plants best suited for the current growing conditions, they are, after all, living things that require special care to thrive. To ensure the green wall's continued success, NYU, together with Morris Adjmi Architects, installed a series of catwalks to enable easier access for the maintenance of the 5-story green wall. 

View at ground level of courtyard 

The advantages of taking grey wasted spaces and turning them into green living spaces not only affect the people who use the space, but also helps to restore and build ecosystems that might have not otherwise existed. The green wall at NYU School of Law illustrates how green walls are a form of green technology that truly "integrates architecture with nature and creates sustainable building solutions and living artwork."

To read NYU's press release of the project, click here. View more photos at our Project Gallery Page


Cranberry Street Garden Wins Grand PLANET Award!

This project is the Grand Award Recipient of PLANET’s 2011 Annual Environmental Improvement Awards Program! Cranberry Street Garden is a wonderful rear yard makeover where living wall and garden effortlessly blend into one another. 

The grace and wave of the existing tree is beautifully expressed in the living wall. It was designed by Hanna Packer of Town and Gardens and Installed by Town and Gardens, with G-O2™ Green Wall systems provided by Plant Connection, Inc. 

Our Commitment to the Industry

Informational Seminars on Request 

Plant Connection works extremely hard on a daily basis to promote the benefits of green walls and green roofs to Landscape Architects, Architects, Engineers, Designers, Contractors, and Developers.

If you are interested in learning more about implementing our products on your projects, we offer informational seminars on request. Please contact Melissa Daniels to schedule:


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Stay tuned for our next e-newsletter's feature of a G-O2™ Living wall installed for Alzheimer patients. 

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