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Dear Readers and Friends,

This is now 2me Travel’s second newsletter. Thank you for signing up and thank you for following us!

Since our last mail out, we have added significant content to our website: We continue to regularly post on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Travel has taken us west and north, although we continue to watch news throughout the Americas and around the world.

Over the last two months, we have gone across Canada (well, central Canada & through the Rockies and British Columbia, where we were struck on a train due to forest fires).

Oregon has become a popular stop! Perfect weather at Crater Lake earlier in spring and more recently a good 10 days around Mount Hood.

Finn had so much fun at his skateboard camp!

July has been mostly dedicated to Alaska. Finn enjoyed his first full tour and had a really wonderful time under the midnight sun. I hope to make Alaska a regular summertime visit.


In the news we have taken on two specific subjects; the detainment of Raif Badawi in Saudi Arabia and Donald Trump's deeply prejudicial rants.

The issue of Raif Badawi is tragic and important. Through 2me Travel we can share numerous adventures and opinions, yet Mr. Badawi, who’s family has asylum in Quebec, is languishing in a Saudi jail and may be whipped to death simple for the accusation of criticizing Islam - and by association the oppressive Saudi regime.

As writers and commentators we felt our voice needed to be added to the chorus calling for his release.

We have criticized Islam - or at least fundamental readings of the faith - and hope to always have the courage to bring light upon deep social injustices we feel at least somewhat qualified to comment upon.

Fundamentally we are travellers and are deeply interested in diversity and learning. Tolerance must be in the nature of any traveller, but at some point we encounter the line of “refusing to tolerate intolerance.” Regimes such as that in Saudi Arabia should not be permitted the status they are granted while others (i.e. Cuba) have been treated as pariah.

So while on the subject of intolerance is seemed perfectly appropriate to accuse Donald Trump of a hate crime.

Let us be very clear about this point - illegal migration is a global issue and we are not offering any sweeping call for amnesty - we are opposing the opportunistic use of hate rhetoric as a politic tool.

Much of the industrial world is straining to maintain borders security while hundreds of thousands of migrants attempt to find a perceived better life.

For decades Mexicans and Latin Americans have smuggled themselves north into the United States. The same is true of a flow from Africa to Europe and within different parts of Asia. Some are refugees, some are economic migrants and few may even be criminals, but Mr. Trumps hate crime is to cast a cloud of accusation and prejudice over a population. Accusing Mexicans of being rapists is akin to accusations Jews endured leading up to the crimes of Nazi Germany. The Nazi vitriol was also aimed at Gypsy people who continue to suffer under widespread prejudice in much of Europe.

When this sort of hate enters mainstream political discourse, we must not allow it to infect what should be very important and real discussions about deep global inequity.

Additionally it has been interesting and generally enthusing to witness the response to Trump. He will keep his hard-core bigoted supporters (many of whom would probably disagree with many of Trump’s ethical positions if they would care to look), but the general disgust from the Hispanic and general population will hopefully relegate him to the circus side-show upon which he has built his business.


We are only half way through 2015 and we have been to nine countries and numerous regions. There is still so much to look forward to! I have tours planned back through the Rockies, and then New England and eventually Peru. Other travel includes Vancouver Island and perhaps back to Central America.

There are a few lectures also planned and we are putting together an e-book… stay tuned (it may include handstands :) ).

We also have a custom trip planned to Peru March 25, 2016. This will be a capped group and we still have places to fill. For more details please contact us.

There are a few other trips being planned so stay tuned. We are thankful for your support and look forward to more engagement. Keep the letters coming!

Again, thank you for your support. 2me Travel has been so much fun to build. We have now had over 10,000 page views and are growing quickly. Travel Done Right means there is no ‘one right way to travel, but there are wrong ways.’

We want to promote fun, engaged, ethical and value-driven travel throughout the Americas & beyond.

Kind regards,

Patrick Twomey - 2Me Travel

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