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Dear Readers and Friends,

We are enjoying a moment of downtime before winter’s arrival and the next round of travel.

There is a dusting of snow on the Rocky Mountains and most of the trees in New England are now bare. Of course Finn is playing hockey and the ski hills are preparing for what is expected to be a good snow season.Looking back over the past two months, life has been busy, but very enjoyable.

Looking back over the past two months, life has been busy, but very enjoyable. We have been all through the Rockies and spent a full month in eastern North America. It had been years since I was last in Boston and it was so much fun to go back.

I am not sure if I simply did not know how friendly that city is, or if the the tone has improved, but I may go as far as to say Boston is among the most welcoming cities I have ever either visited or worked in. On top of leading two tours through New England I met up with old friends from Rhode Island with whom I had toured many times in Europe.

Montreal is looking a little better since they removed their distinctly corrupt mayor, although the Island City on the St. Lawrence, still come across as a little rough to first-time visitors.

Toronto also dispensed with its crack-smoking, misogynist mayor and after all the construction leading up to the Pan Am Games - this city is looking clean and feeling friendly. Finn loved the Hockey Hall of Fame and I love travelling in Central Canada in late September through October, when the humidity is in check.

New York City will always be the Big Apple and, for me, a solid week there is always enough. I love it until I cannot take it anymore (about 4 days per visit).

The Canadian Election

If you have been following the blogs, I obviously take my politics seriously and joined a majority of Canadians in wanting a change in our government. That happened, but perhaps a little more enthusiastically than I had hoped. Canada now has a Liberal Majority government and yes, another Trudeau at the helm.

South America

On November 9 I leave for Peru - thrilled to go back and I already have reservations made at two restaurants!

This blogging tradition began high in the Andes and I encourage you to read through some of our thoughts from Peru.


The New Year is quickly approaching. We plan to ski over Christmas and welcome some tourists to the Rockies on a few winter tours.

In February I return to Panama and Central America - I really do look forward to visiting more of that complicated region.

March will probably take Finn to Australia and me to Cuba! Now that relations have finally thawed with the US government, tourists are lining up to visit the Island in this important transitional period of its history.

April will take me to Ireland & Scotland :) .. it has been a while.


Please help to keep political pressure upon Saudi Arabia Raif Badawi remains trapped in a Saudi jail, despite international outcry and support for his release. As we watch relations thaw with Cuba, how can we continuously support the Saudi regime?

Please stay in touch. If you would like to have a travel consultation or book us for a talk, we are happy to explore dates and topics.

So much to look forward to in the coming year and through we hope to support and promote ethical travel throughout the Americas and beyond!

Patrick Twomey
2Me Travel
2Me Travel
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