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Workshop in Tallinn
Workshop on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and spatial planning successfully held in Tallinn, Estonia

The workshop organised by the AQUAFIMA project brought together 27 participants coming from research institutes, universities and public authorities. They met on the 4th December in Tallinn to discuss the integration of aquaculture and fisheries in ICZM and spatial planning. As aquaculture and its implementation in ICZM and spatial planning is still a complex task, several presentations were hold by other EU-funded projects (AQUABEST, SUBMARINER, COEXIST) and external experts engaged in this subject. The given presentations provided an overview of the current development of ICZM and Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) on the EU and Baltic Sea level, legal regulations of aquaculture and tools used to integrate aquaculture and fisheries in ICZM and MSP.
Presentations of the workshop can be found here.
As a follow up the AQUAFIMA project will organise ICZM workshops in each partner country in February and March 2013. For further information please check our website regularly.

Photo competition
EUCC-Germany started photo competition „Fisheries & Aquaculture”

EUCC – The Coastal Union Germany, in cooperation with the German Oceanographic Museum and the “Landgesellschaft Mecklenburg-Vorpommern mbH”, started a photo competition with the motto “Fisheries & Aquaculture”. The contest is organized in the framework of the BSR project AQUAFIMA and wants to emphasize the importance of these two maritime sectors.
Participants can upload up to three photos into a specific contest database; the competition’s jury will evaluate quality and creativity of the contributions. The most telling pictures on e.g. fish farms, mussel farming, fishing hook, fishing boats and fishes at European coastal areas will be honored with a photo exhibition at the German Oceanographic Museum in Stralsund in summer/autumn 2013!
Moreover, participants can win a weekend-trip at the Hotel Polar Stern in Kühlungsborn (1st place), an annual subscription of the German magazine “mare – Die Zeitschrift der Meere” (2nd place) and tickets or attractive material prizes of the German Oceanographic Museum (3rd to 5th place).
The deadline for the competition is the 28th February 2013, the terms of participation and contest database is available under:

Report on stocking and restocking
Report on stocking and restocking workshops available for download

A series on workshop about stocking and re-stocking has been carried out by the AQUAFIMA project throughout the year 2012. The first workshop was held in Copenhagen in February 2012 and dealt with “stocking and restocking criteria and strategies”. In May 2012 the second workshop on “aquaculture technologies and strategies” took place in Gdansk. When highlighting the topic stocking it is also necessary to talk about marking and recapturing of the released fish species. Therefore, a third workshop on this issue was held in Vilnius in September 2012. The workshop documentation can be downloaded here.

News from Latvia
In Latvia the Environmental Development Association (EDA) is actively cooperating with Latvian Ministry of Agriculture within the project activities. In April, EDA signed a cooperation agreement with Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment - "BIOR", that is currently working on salmon and sea trout management pilot plan. An article about AQUAFIMA project aims and activities was published in “Fisheries Yearbook of Latvia 2012”. The Latvian version of the Fisheries Yearbook can be downloaded here:

Sea life and tourists; fisheries, environment and street life in the Nordic Conferences and workshop in Akureyri, Iceland
Coast and sea life are the strongest attractions for visitors and tourists. The industry is becoming increasingly popular and diverse. Tourists want to do their own fishing, visiting aquaculture, experience the nature and silence, the local daily life, adventures like diving, surfing, bird life, whale watching, to rent a boat and / or travel from one port to another, and from one country to another on the cruise- vessels and ferries. How does this match the countries' cultural heritage, sustainable fisheries and national environmental policy? How can nations in the Nordic countries (and of course the Baltic countries as well) work together in theme this area? The conference will give focus to this discussion, and hopefully find some answers and collaborative opportunities. During the two days we will also visit businesses and museums working with sea and coast.
The activity is partly financed by NORA (Nordic Atlantic Cooperation). NORA is an intergovernmental organization under the Nordic Council of Ministers. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Åland are represented in the Nordic Council. For the conferences/workshop in Iceland contact: Grethe Adoff (
Part-financed by the EU

Key facts

fish bullet Part-financed by the European Union’s Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013.
fish bullet Priority 3: Management of the Baltic Sea as a common resource
fish bullet 12 partners.
fish bullet 7 countries involved.
fish bullet Project duration: June 2011 – March 2014.
fish bullet Project budget: 2.499.083 EURO.
fish bullet Lead Partner: State Development Cooperation Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – Landgesellschaft Mecklenburg Vorpommern mbH, DE


fish bullet Analysing the prospects for an increased integration of stocking/restocking into fisheries management under the reformed CFP
fish bullet Evaluating the suitability of stocking/restocking measures for different Baltic Sea fish species
fish bullet Developing skills and professional education schemes for aquaculture management
fish bullet Developing strategies for integrating aquaculture into sustainable spatial development
fish bullet Raising acceptance for farmed fish products and aquaculture among BSR citizens
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