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Dear Readers,

In my last newsletter, I talked about how the lack of stress can actually cause stress and I received some nice responses about that piece. I wrote it in the context that with the holidays behind us, many with ADD have no main "project" to focus on, and that, my friends, can cause anxiety in many of us.

It happened to me again this past week. As I vowed in that newsletter, I have begun working more in my art studio. A project that I'd started over 3 years ago- yes, you read that correctly- is now finished. I took advantage of the holiday break to take time away from my ADD related work and spent many hours in my studio.

Here's a photo of my mosaic structure- a coffee table embedded with odd objects to depict a Wild Wild West scene:

(click to enlarge)

After all these past years of avoiding finishing this piece with all kinds of excuses (not enough time, too tired, too busy), well… it's now done. Interestingly, I felt calm knowing that there was a project in the studio that was incomplete. It was satisfying at some level to know that there was something there unfinished; something I could always work on when I wanted to.

Once I completed the piece, I felt like a lost soul- it was like falling in a large, dark abyss. I've never been one who lacked ideas for art projects (I was a painter before becoming a therapist), yet there I was…floating without a cause. And it was a most unsettling sensation: having completed a project that was started so many years ago with no idea as to what to do next.

So to continue my theme from the last issue, it's important to understand this about ourselves: we struggle so much, berating ourselves for not completing tasks, yet when we do, we often become anxious, depressed and lost. Our brain just needs something to hold onto and perhaps that's why we sometimes avoid finishing projects. It can be too frightening to do just that.

Got a new project you want to start? Afraid to finish one you've started? Share your thoughts in the FORUM- connect with others and meet new friends.

Till next time,

Visit the Forums to connect with others just like you who want to share experiences living as a mom with ADHD.
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