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Socially ADDept provides an easy-to-follow program for parents and educators to teach kids with special needs (ADHD, LD, Asperger's, etc) the hidden rules of social behavior.

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Dear Readers,

Do you remember how, when you first got on the internet and searched for information on ADHD, everyone seemed to have a list titled, "You Know You Have ADHD When…"? Even I had a long thread on my old website and I have to admit, it was always fun to read humorous stories from folks with ADHD. I even put a chapter of funny stories in my book.

I sometimes like to share my own crazy mishaps so that you can see that I'm not immune to falling into various ADD traps. In other words, you are not alone!

Let me start my story by saying that I hate clothes shopping. Again, it's the over-stimuli that starts the whole nightmare rolling- too many things to look at. Too many choices. Loud music. People walking around from all different directions. It all adds up to an unpleasant experience. And that's even before trying on clothes- an activity that I hate more than words can express. First, there's the "Oh crap, I am so fat" to "Ok, this fits, but can I afford it?" to "I LOVE this blouse, but what if I already have 10 blue tops at home? I always forget to check before I shop!"

But I digress.

This time, I made a silly blooper that my kids will never let me live down. But it was so…ADD:

Last week, I took my older daughter to Old Navy. She found what she needed but still had to take a quick run for one more item. I offered to get in the check-out line, holding her stack of goodies. I was already feeling dizzy and weak from walking up and down over stuffed aisles, and was happy to relax. I got in line. But the line wasn't moving. Of course, it took about 5 minutes of daydreaming to finally realize I hadn't moved an inch. I looked at the other check-out aisles and they were empty. It didn't make sense!

Until I took a closer look at the very tall man standing in front of me. Yep, it was a mannequin. I'd been standing behind a well dressed STATUE.

Yes, another ADD moment. And to add insult to injury, literally, when we returned home, I broke my toe walking into my clothes closet. That is a story for another day.

How about you? Do you have a funny ADD story to tell? I promise I will laugh, I mean, won't laugh, so please share yours in the Forum. Sometimes, we all need to chuckle at our ADD moments, don't you think?

Till next time-

Visit the Forums to connect with others just like you who want to share experiences living as a mom with ADHD.

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Where's Terry?

Last week, I was interviewed by business coach Marcia Hoeck and ADHD coach Jacqueline Sinfield on the topic of Women Entrepreneurs with ADHD. I had a GREAT time and received some fantastic questions from the audience.

You can listen to the interview at

To learn more about how Jacqui and Marcia help entrepreneurs with ADHD and to listen to past calls, visit their joint Business Brilliance website.


A few months ago, I ran a contest, asking you to help me come up with some creative ideas for the re-launch of my and sites. Many of you offered some amazing suggestions; in fact, nearly 300 of you responded and I can't thank you enough! One name was randomly chosen and the winner is………… HOLLY WEISENT of Columbus, Ohio. Holly has won an autographed copy of my book, Survival Tips for Women with ADHD. Congratulations!

Keep an eye open in the coming months for some exciting new programs and services I'll be offering along with a brand new website design.

ADD Item of the Week: Blunders Social Skills Board Game
Winner of the "Game of the Year Award" from Creative Child Magazine, Blunders is an enjoyable way to teach social skills concepts to children ages 5 and up. Check it out HERE.

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