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Message From Terry

Dear Readers,

When I present on ADHD throughout the country, I always feel an intimacy between my attendees and myself. I think part of that is due to my being pretty open about my own ADD related challenges. My goal has always been to normalize as much as possible, the ADD symptoms many of us share. When I explain that I can't keep track of papers or that my upstairs is, well…at times a mighty mess…it helps others to feel they aren't alone!

So today, I'd like to share with you a few facts about me that you might not have known. Enjoy!

  1. I most probably have a math disability. I still count on my fingers. You too?
  2. I cannot remember the names of people I've met even if I turn around 20 seconds later and see them- SMILING at me, of course. So if you say hi to me and my face is blank, please don't be upset with me.
  3. I have never made a turkey. Timing it properly escapes me. I'd rather not attempt it than accidently poison my family.
  4. I am a HUGE dog lover and have a Portuguese Water Dog (Harper) and a Cockapoo (Elliott).
  5. I have written hundreds of songs but only completed maybe…5. My ADD prevents me from completing them. Wanna hear one? It's at
  6. I cannot iron. I put in more creases than I take out.
  7. I cannot watch TV. I fall asleep within 10 minutes. That's why TV works great for my insomnia. Oh, the only channels I watch are HGTV (House Hunters International!) and oddly enough, the Cooking Channel (which to me is more like watching a magic show).
  8. I get over the top angry if someone starts talking to me while I'm on the phone. I simply cannot hear two things at once and trying to screen out one voice is impossible.
  9. My sense of smell is so acute; I once woke up in the middle of the night certain a skunk sprayed our dog (not sure how- she was sleeping on our bed). Later that morning, I found out there was a dead skunk a mile from the house.
  10. I am addicted to chocolate. That's nothing surprising since so many of us are, so here are a few more bonus facts to make up for it:

    1. I refuse to wear high heels. I can't afford to break any more bones. Heels are evil.
    2. My sensory issues are pretty significant. Normal talking to my ears often sounds like yelling.
    3. I hate talking on the phone. I have to see your mouth in order to stay connected. Otherwise, I'm off mentally hiking in Switzerland, inventing a new gadget or playing Bejeweled on the computer.
    4. I've been married over 33 years. The secret to our successful marriage? Humor. I'm married to the funniest man alive.
    5. I hate clothes shopping.
    6. I'm completely obsessed with The Beatles and almost met Paul McCartney last summer. Long story.
    7. I DID meet another idol: Joni Mitchell. See my shocked expression at (second photo from top)
    8. I once screwed up my banking account so badly from not balancing it correctly; I closed it to open up a new one.
    9. I cannot watch movies with any blood, gore or frightening scenes. They're simply too intense.
    10. I typically wear clothes a size larger (when I'm home and can get away with it) and it all must be cotton or I go out of my mind. Usually, there's a cotton Tshirt separating my skin from my clothes. I'm happiest wearing baggy jeans or shorts and an oversized cotton T. And tennies, of course.
    11. I'm an established artist and have had my paintings shown throughout the country. Many of us with ADD seem to have had many avocations, careers, jobs, etc.

I think the "take home" message here is that we all have our challenges, but it's important to remember our strengths, too. What do you want to share about yourself? What are you great at? What stumps you? Share them in my FORUM , at The Hangout board.

Till next time-

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