Gavin Newsom is the King of Hypocrite Hill

This week it became even clearer that Gavin Newsom and his wife live high above the rest of us on Hypocrite Hill. This should not come as a surprise to anyone after French Laundry, or when the Governor kept California children locked out of schools while his received in-person learning or when the Governor’s children attended a mask optional indoor summer camp while ours wore masks outside at theirs. Despite all of this, Gavin and his wife shamelessly portray him as a champion of working mothers and early education for California children. This is obviously a false claim as working moms have exited the workforce out of necessity during his draconian lockdowns, and children have suffered from massive learning loss and severe depression. If there is one thing Gavin Newsom excels at, it’s being the King of Hypocrisy.

Newsom ran for governor touting his record as a champion for equality but then turned around and endorsed and supported proposition 16, an anti-equality bill that would have allowed for the government to discriminate based on race and gender. During this recall effort, he has allowed for his campaign surrogates to regularly demean Larry Elder and refer to him as the “Black face of White Supremacy” on the campaign trail. He failed to denounce the violent and racist assault of Elder this week by a white woman in a gorilla mask, instead having his friends at the LA Times downplay this vile assault and portray it as Venice residents disliking Elder. These acts are a far cry from a governor who bills himself as a champion of anti-racism and equality.

Throughout this recall effort, Newsom has not campaigned on his victories as governor—likely because they are far and few between if any at all—while taking aim at Larry Elder making baseless accusations of Elder being a misogynist and again billing himself as a champion of women’s rights. In addition to his failure to support working mothers and supporting a bill that would have allowed for gender discrimination, Newsom’s wife this week was accused by actress and activist Rose McGowen of trying to aid Harvey Weinstein and silence her from revealing him as a serial rapist.

As we approach September 14th, we must continue to push our friends and family to vote yes on this recall effort. Californians deserve better across the board, and we deserve a leader who supports and protects the sanctity of our constitutional rights, truly represents our values as Californians and protects the most sacred rights of all, our freedom and equality.

Please join us in our efforts to fight for equality and equal rights for all Californians. Your generous donations goes towards buying multi media ads to help educate the public to ensure that our rights are preserved and Sacramento is held accountable.

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Equal rights and the supremacy of personal liberties are at the heart of America’s founding. Unfortunately, both of those most basic ideals are being eroded due to a lack of defense by elected officials. Equal Rights for ALL (ERFA) PAC will seek to identify, nurture and contribute to political leaders who support equal rights for all citizens.

- Ward Connerly, President of Equal Rights for All PAC

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