Restock your pantry with healthy food and get a head start on December holiday shopping! All in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere at the Winter Farmers' Market.
Join us at Seacoast Eat Local's Farmers' Market December 1, 10-2, Wentworth Greenhouses, 141 Rollins Road, Rollinsford, NH

Restock & Replenish at the Winter Farmers' Market!

If you're at all like the rest of us, the pantry is looking a little thin after Thanksgiving.  The Winter Farmers' Market on Saturday, December 1, from 10am-2pm, at Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford is the perfect place to both restock and start the month on a positive note.  You'll find more than 50 farmers and food producers selling an incredible variety and quality of locally grown and produced food.  An abundance of winter squash, pumpkins, cheeses, pork, baked goods, carrots, salad greens, apples, eggs, maple syrup, and potatoes are among the many items available; use our market list below to make sure you don't miss anything!  If you're looking for something specific, find it in our searchable database and contact the farm directly; many vendors will even set it aside for you to pick up at the market. But don't come alone - bring a friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbor (or two!) to the market, and share this fabulous experience.  We look forward to seeing you there!

About the Location: Wentworth GreenhousesWentworth Greenhouses is located at 141 Rollins Road, Rollinsford, NH, just 1 mile past Red's Shoe Barn of Dover. Here's a map!
Wentworth Greenhouses is both our generous collaborator and sponsor, and we thank them as we look forward to another great season of Winter Farmers' Markets!

Market Shuttle for free and easy additional parking

A free shuttle van will run in a continuous loop throughout the duration of the market.  Salmon Falls Stoneware at 75 Oak Street in Dover is the generous host to our shuttle parking location. Arrive and leave on your own schedule, with easy parking and drop off for you and your shopping bags!  Map

Updated Winter Market Website

featuring product search and interactive maps of the market

Meet Our Vendors It's quite a list! The locally grown and made foods and products they bring represents everything from Apples to Yogurt. You can view a full list of vendors participating in the season, read about their businesses, and find contact information for pre-ordering.

Product Search Want to find out which farmers plan to have sweet potatoes? Or grassfed beef? Or anything else you might hope to buy? Try the product search!

Interactive Market Maps allow you to see which vendor will be where inside the market. With over 50 farmers and food producers, this tool is a great way to help you find the foods you are looking for. Click on the image below to take you to the market maps, then click on vendor names on the left to find their spot in the market:


Interactive Market Map, Rollinsford
All of these tools and more can be found at

Market Shopping List:


Available foods for December 1stApples
Salad greens
Sweet potatoes
Winter squash
Dried beans
Coffee cake
Sourdough bread
Apple cider
Maple syrup

Featured Vegetable: Cabbage

Brookford Farm, Heron Pond FarmRed Manse Farm, Stout Oak Farm, and Wild Miller Gardens will be bringing our featured vegetable, cabbage, to our December 1st market!


Stout Oak Farm cabbageAstoundingly, cabbage has been cultivated for more than 4,000 years. Its English name comes from the French word, caboche, meaning head, referring to its round shape. And while cabbage is most commonly associated with the Irish (and boiled dinners!), its history goes back to the Greeks and Romans; in fact, Emperor Claudius called upon his Senate to vote on whether any dish could beat corned beef and cabbage. (The Senate voted no.)
Today, cabbage is known for its wealth of protective vitamins. Hailed as a cancer inhibitor, particularly colon cancer, cabbage stimulates the immune system, kills harmful bacteria, soothes ulcers, and improves circulation. Its outer ears are a good source of vitamin E, which is excellent for a healthy complexion. Also rich in vitamin C (raw white cabbage contains as much vitamin C as lemon juice), the cabbage can help maintain your health during cold and flu season. And all at only 24 calories per 3.5 ounces!
Cabbage comes in several varieties. The red and purple take the longest to mature, so these types are generally not as tender as green or white varieties. When cooking with red or purple cabbage, be aware that the compound that gives cabbage that beautiful color will also turn it blue when it is cooked along with any alkaline substance. Since tap water is often full of alkaline minerals such as lime, be sure to add about 1 teaspoon of acidic agent, such as lemon juice, vinegar, or wine, to the pot when using tap water. If your red cabbage begins to take on that blue tinge in any recipe, the addition of the acidic agent will usually bring back the original color.
Heron Pond Farm cabbageDon't write off cabbage if you sometimes suffer from digestive distress after eating it. Try blanching the whole or quartered cabbage for five minutes, change the water, and then continue cooking in fresh water if necessary. And experiment with some of these recipes, which may have you looking at cabbage in a whole new way! 

Cabbage, potato, and leek soup, Grilled cabbage, Spicy shredded Napa cabbage salad, and Pasta with carmelized cabbage.

SNAP/EBT Welcome!

SNAP/EBT accepted at this Farmers' MarketAll vendors at the Winter Farmers' Markets now accept SNAP/EBT! 

At the market, SNAP recipients can choose how much they would like to spend that day on food purchases. A market staff member will then swipe their EBT card for that amount. The customer is then given wooden tokens, which are used just like cash, and can be used to buy food at approved vendors at the market. Learn More about shopping with SNAP

This program stimulates responsible use of the federal SNAP program in a way that promotes local sustainable agriculture, improves community health and nutrition, and boosts economic development through family farms. Learn more about how you can support increasing access to locally grown food for all members of our community. 

Support for this program is provided by the Thomas W. Haas Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. 

                               New to the market: 

Winnipesaukee Chocolates

Winnipesaukee Chocolates

Winnipesaukee Chocolates will be specifically bringing their hand-crafted truffle line that includes local flavoring ingredients and dairy to the market. 

Figtree KitchenAt the market: Figtree Kitchen

Figtree Kitchen offers delicious and unique foods, carefully prepared with local ingredients whenever possible. Figtree products are made from scratch in small batches without artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives. Check out their freshly baked scones, muffins, and cookies, as well as healthy grain salads, dips, soups, and sandwiches!

Market Opens at 10amHonestly, you don't have to come early!

We love that people are so excited about the market that they line up for the opening. But if you prefer a more relaxed shopping experience, come a little later. The market is open through 2pm, and farmers are well prepared with an astounding abundance of foods for you. Every year, the farms bring more and more food and you can confidently shop later in the day. Worried about missing a particular product? Many vendors accept pre-orders. Use the product search and contact farms directly if you need something set aside for you.

See you at the market!
Seacoast Eat Local Winter Farmers' Markets

Activities at the Market


Live Music at the Market

Andrea Szirbik


Holiday Decorations & Artisan Craft Fair

Wentworth Greenhouses is full of poinsettas, gorgeous holiday decorations, and winter bird feeding supplies. And, in the front greenhouse, there will be an Artisan Craft Market with handmade goods for you and your holiday shopping. Be sure to visit their website and sign up for their email list for detailed information on their products as well as the many terrific workshops going on throughout the year.

At the SEL Table

At the information table you'll find books, tote bags, sea salt from Maine and cheesemaking kits. The sale of these items is part of our fundraising efforts to support the farmers' markets - we sell regional products not otherwise available from our vendors. Funds raised go toward managing, running, and promoting the markets, everything from paying for our website hosting to the needed insurance policy. We appreciate your support!



EcoMovement Consulting and Hauling will be helping us close the loop between food and soil fertility at our markets by providing composting for all disposables.

Woolen goods from Riverslea Farm

Holiday Shopping

Buy local this season: Farmers' market gift tokens, maple syrup, mittens, and soaps make great gifts and stocking stuffers. You'll find a wide variety of gifts at the market and in Wentworth Greenhouses.

You Can Help!


Our volunteers are crucial for setting up, providing information during the market, and cleaning up afterward. Please email if you would like to help out in any of these areas.

Help spread the word

Forward this email, post a message on your blog/website/Facebook profile, invite a friend to come with you to the market this Saturday - farmers appreciate your support!  We can all keep local food and open space thriving in the Seacoast by putting our money where our mouths are.

Show the Love, Become a Friend of the Market!

Friends of the Market
You love the markets, now make it official and become a Friend of the Market! Our brand new Friend of the Market program fuels continued growth by providing funds to support market development, promotions, and special programs and opportunities. Find out more and sign up online!

Seacoast Eat Local

Throughout the year, Seacoast Eat Local works to connect farmers and consumers, providing important outlets for farmers and connecting consumers to a wholesome, locally grown food supply year round. Support local food and agriculture with a donation to Seacoast Eat Local. Donate online or mail a donation made out to Seacoast Eat Local to 67 Airport Road, Newington, NH. Donations are tax deductible.

Turn your used printer ink cartridges into a donation to Seacoast Eat Local - drop your empties off at the SEL booth at the market and we'll recycle them into needed office supplies - thanks!
Red Manse Farm Cabbage

Area Winter Farmers' Markets

Dec 1
Saco River
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SEL - Rollinsford

Dec 2

Dec 8
Saco River
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Dec 9

For a complete listing of area markets, visit our website
Black Kettle Farm


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