2021 Edition - Volume 1

Pit-Side Report


Let's hit the loud pedal and dive right in!

Below you will find the latest news, photos, inside info, technical explanations, partner profiles, and hopefully at least one thing to make you chuckle.
Here are some highlights of what you'll find in this issue:
  • Austin Berry Racing (ABR) kicked off their season this past week and we have the story for you!
  • ABR welcomed a new partner and announced their plans for the 2021 season.
  • We explain two of the most mysterious words in sprint car racing:  Jacobs Ladder!


ABR Shows Glimpse of Capabilities

Austin Berry Racing was feeling prepared for the 2021 season.  The team had put in a lot of hard work over the winter to refresh their equipment and improve their potential.  With one night remaining in their off-season, the team decided to participate in a test and tune session at Port Royal Speedway on Friday, March 12th.  They wanted to unload at the season opener the next night with as much confidence as they possibly could.  They wanted to know they had done all they could to be ready.  The test sessions went well.  They got quicker in each session and were near the top of the time charts in multiple sessions.  The following night, the team unloaded once again at The Speed Palace, ready to get the competitive season rolling. 

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2021 Season Provides Welcome Fresh Start for ABR

To say the entire team at Austin Berry Racing is looking forward to the upcoming season would be a significant understatement.  2020 was a year pretty much everyone wants to put behind them for numerous reasons, and ABR is no different.  The struggles of last season are well documented.  

The team is determined to return to the more consistent level of performance they had reached in 2019, when they finished 6th in Port Royal Speedways season championship standings.  Two keys to ABR’s fresh start for the upcoming season are a new partner and a new engine program. 

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What the heck is a Jacobs Ladder? 

Ever been at a sprint car race and heard someone talk about a Jacobs Ladder?  I bet you've heard it many times actually.  Most fans have.  Usually it's preceded by the words "bent the" or "broke the" to explain why a car crashed or dropped out of a race.  Well, we're here to help educate fans to help them enjoy the sport they love!

A Jacobs ladder prevents the rear axle from moving side to side in the chassis. It also raises the roll-center.  During cornering, as the chassis rolls to the right, the rear roll center rises on a car with a Jacob's ladder. The rising roll center with a Jacob's Ladder works better on a heavy/tacky track, where it produces less “weight transfer” during cornering.


Locust Hill Custom Butcher Shop provides custom butchering and packaging for beef, pork, and venison.  The Shade Gap, PA business has joined Austin Berry Racing as a key new partner in 2021.  Give them a call, give them your business and thank them for supporting racing!  


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Click the images below to check out the 2020 recap videos for Zach Newlin and Austin Berry!
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"The Rise of Zach Daddy"
Click above to watch the video or below to read the full story:

"ABR 2020:  The kind of year a team must overcome to savor eventual success"


The goal of this section of our newsletter is to share some stories, conversations and experiences the teams have that otherwise may never be heard or seen by the fans.  These things don't always originate from the late night car wash stop most team's make...but the car wash is often where the stories become lore.

Reading Is Not Overrated 

The date was Thursday, September 17th, 2020.  Burke Motorsports had just wrapped up a race at BAPS Motor Speedway, the first of 3 consecutive race nights.  It was getting late and they just wanted to get the car washed and get some sleep.  There would be maintenance to do the next morning to be ready for Williams Grove. 

They wheeled the rig into a car wash, unloaded the car, tore it down, sprayed it with cleaner and turned to put money into the machine.  That was the moment when they realized how important reading is. 

The sign indicated a change in hours.  An earlier closing time.  There would be no high pressure.  No water at all for that matter.  They were closed.  The team ended up spending quite a bit more time than planned, cleaning the entire dirty, muddy mess by hand with rags and cleaner.  


What's up next for #TeamA2D?

Austin Berry

  • ABR will be competing with the ULMS at Port Royal Speedway on Saturday, March 20th at 4pm and Sunday, March 21st at 2pm.
  • The following weekend, ABR will once again join the ULMS, this time at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday, March 26th. 
  • The team also plans to compete at Port Royal Speedway on Saturday, March 27th.

Zach Newlin

  • Stay tuned for news on Zach Newlin's 2021 season plans coming soon!
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